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Your cars / my new raider.
« on: 21:12, Thu 23 January 2014 »
glad to see this forum isnt dead. took me a year of buying and selling cars to get the cash together to buy this car.  ;)
hear is some pics of my new raider.

hope you like. got big plans for this car.  8)

General Chat / Hi guys! I'm back!!!!!
« on: 21:38, Thu 29 December 2011 »
Hay guys. It's been a while.
Hope everyone is good and had a good xmas.

Rite is there anyone on hear that can find my baby!
I sold her to fund my new business. Business is doing great and I want her back but lost the guys number.
I sold her to a guy in Hastings.
If anyone can help that would be amazing!!!!

I keep dreaming about her and have never missed a car till now!!!!!

Renault 5 GT Turbo / AFR READINGS??????
« on: 19:26, Fri 05 August 2011 »
hi guys rite. my AFR readings are all over the place.
sat at trafic lights there on 10.811.4 then pull off and they spike up to anything like 17.00 then settle at 12.013.0 depending on how hard i pull off.

can someone tell me what they should idle at and what they should run at on normal driveing and then booting it.

i have a crappy group a carb but have re-jetted it with a .9 ac and a 1.4 main. it did have a bigger main in it.

any help would be great.

Renault 5 GT Turbo / running her in?
« on: 20:01, Wed 03 August 2011 »
hi guys. i get my car back tomorrow. should i run it in for a while after changing the head gasket???

General Chat / has anyone seen this???
« on: 16:24, Thu 28 July 2011 »

Renault 5 GT Turbo / brake servo help!!!!!!
« on: 16:36, Mon 25 July 2011 »
dose anyone know if there are any other car with the same servo.

my car failed its mot due to it leaking and i cant afford one from renault at 200+


General Chat / hobbies and interests
« on: 19:49, Sat 23 July 2011 »
thought id start another aword winning topic. apart from spending lots of money and time on 20+ year old cars what else is everyone interested in?

il start, i am into mma. (mixed martial arts) been doing in on and off since i was 8.
diving (squba) not done that to much as i live in land. lol
and addicted to watching films. got aprox 1200 dvds at the mo.

prob more but thats a start.


Renault 5 GT Turbo / What battery?
« on: 20:23, Thu 23 June 2011 »
Think my battery has had it.
What's the best one for the five?

Events/Shows/Cruises / What's next?
« on: 19:39, Thu 23 June 2011 »
Hi guys not been on for a few weeks. I have had a quick look but can't find it. What is the next big show?

I want a date to work to. Bit of a deadline if you know what I mean.

General Chat / Wish me luck!!!
« on: 19:07, Thu 02 June 2011 »
Well d day is hear. Saturday I will be getting married!
And I bricking my self!!! Lol

Just wanted to tell some one to ease some of the nurves before I throw up!  :lol:

Renault 5 GT Turbo / welding
« on: 07:47, Thu 19 May 2011 »
hi guys. i am thinking of lerning how to weld. is it easy? anyone have any advise?

im prity good with my hands. and can can prity much do anything i put my mind to.

so all im after really is tips. i know you cant really show me or explain with out showing me but anything would be good.


« on: 19:31, Sun 15 May 2011 »
Any one live in or near?

I'm on my stag do this next weekend and wana see some fives! Lol
Welcome to come
For a beer or ten! Lol

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Oil/Mayo problem
« on: 18:36, Sun 15 May 2011 »
Rite as some of u know I am very close to finishing all my jobs on the car. Just a few small ones left. But the main one that's bugging me is. I still have Mayo. Now I was told on hear and I am sure it's left over from when the head gasket went.
And as I haven't driven her more than 200 yards none of it has gone.
So how the hell do I get rid!!

I was thinking run engine till hot then drain oil and fill with new. But is that enough? Can I do something else?

Renault 5 GT Turbo / AFR gauge or somthing else ?
« on: 15:55, Mon 02 May 2011 »
Hi guys rite I have managed to scrape some cash together to get my car finished.

What I want to know is... When it's on the road again is it going to blow a H/G again.
I have a group A carb (I know I know!!!)
I have changed some bits like tubular manifold and some head work. So it's not going to be same as before. So if I buy a AFR gauge and the set up isn't rite I will then need to re jet the carb etc.
Do I buy a standard carb and run it on that for a bit.

Basicly I haven't really got the money to get the gauge and re jet the carb etc.
But if it's Gota happen it's Gota happen.

What's my cheapest option for now?
And what's the best option?

General Chat / OMG
« on: 22:07, Thu 28 April 2011 »
Rite. A bit of advice for you guys out there with kids.when your 15 year old daughter comes to you and asks for a house party with 30 other 14/15 year olds. DO NOT LET THEM DRINK!!!!!!

I am Aparantly! A "cool dad" but F@@K me never again!
I will be Gray by the morning!!!!

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