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Renault 5 GT Turbo / brakes need help
« on: 22:36, Tue 10 May 2011 »
ok so it's like this....

car failed mot on rear brakes, so had new calipers and pads, and it passed, 24 hours later brakes, so take to a different garage and they say brakes couldn't have been bled as the bleed valves on front calipers had snapped off (long story) so they replace front calipers and pads,
bleed brakes and they were fine for a week ....then no brakes , i take it back to a very puzzled mechanic and they bleed them again and two weeks later they feel dodgy again so i go back and the guy takes it for a test drive and says that its braking ok some of the time and then its not ???
so his conclusion is that its taking in air  and not leaking fluid ????
when they did the front they said the master cylinder might be buggered but when it canme to it they said that it was fine !!

he has checked all the hoses and pipe work and cant find a problem with that ........

and so it now down to you proffesionals out there .............WHATS WRONG ????

General Chat / classic car show only 1 gtt
« on: 19:17, Mon 18 April 2011 »
we went to a classic car show at the weekend and was gutted to only see one 5 gt, and to rub it in a few xr2i and 205 gti's. i guess the question is where can we go to see lot's of 5's?

General Chat / everyone read this !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
« on: 22:30, Sun 27 March 2011 »
ok so need to find out :-

a. is it possible ??

b. is it a good idea ??

ok so i thought it would be really great to have a "general photo's" section, ie:- all the pic's posted by us ......The members !

so in essance all the pic's we all have taken, with the owner's name, all in one place !

so just an idea, what do you think ? is it just me that can look at rusty bit's , new bits , and finished stuff .........for ages ???????


Your cars / fixing bits
« on: 22:14, Sun 27 March 2011 »
bumper got dinked by some inadequate c#ck so had to sort it, and the exhaust has never fitted correctly (and is still too long) but got it in line at least !

Spotted / Was It You? / white gt turbo yeovil
« on: 21:41, Sun 27 March 2011 »
white gtt outside halfords in yeovil with rtoc sticker in back window?

Renault 5 GT Turbo / passed mot,no brakes?
« on: 12:57, Sun 06 March 2011 »
where to start....
the brake's work well, then wednesday it goes in for mot and fails on rear brakes.
so the garage change the callipers and it passes on friday, we pick it up friday night, rach say's it's not braking as it should?????
i've just taken it out and there are no brake's!!!
i pump the pedel and can feel the pressure build up and then it's gone pedel hit's the floor.
how could it pass it's mot like this?
should they have bleed the system?
when pumping the pedel i can hear a puff of air?
any ideas please..
just seem's too much of a coincidence.

General Chat / site donations?
« on: 18:55, Thu 03 March 2011 »
this may sound strange but i don't have a paypal account, how do i donate to the site without using paypal?

General Chat / mot day!!!
« on: 22:23, Wed 02 March 2011 »
well it may be nearly 24 year's old, but mot day came didn't rearly do anything to get it ready
it failed but only on
passenger washer jet not working and
rear brakes
that's it, i'm happy with that,nice simple fix not a problem.

Renault 5 GT Turbo / head gasket update!
« on: 21:58, Mon 21 February 2011 »
right took the advice and drained the oil and put it into a clear bottle,well it took two. it's been sitting for two day's and no sign of water, i guess this is a good sign.
so new oil new oil filter, drained the water fitted a new low temp rad thermostat switch, refilled water and coolant cleared all of the air from the system. it's running sweet.
i'll check next weekend i guess then i'll find if it is the gasket or not.

Renault 5 GT Turbo / head gasket
« on: 18:34, Mon 14 February 2011 »
anyone know of someone in somerset that can work on our 5 and not scratch there head for 3 hours while charging me!!
head gasket has gone cream in oil but no oil in water.
it would just be nice to find someone who know's the car.

Renault 5 GT Turbo / cooling!!!!!!!!!!!
« on: 12:18, Sun 13 February 2011 »
right it's been a while with no problem's, now i'm paying for the quite period!
cooling fan hate's me! rach took the car out last week maybe 30 miles or so,when she got home the fan didn't kick in and some steam could be seen from the bonnet vent's.
so i checked all i could changed the relay and checked the wires one of which had snapped, so i used it for a couple of day's no problem's.then friday night drove the 2 miles from work to home and it sounded like a kettle boiling and no fan running?
could it be as simple as the fan switch?
any ideas please

Renault 5 GT Turbo / fuel pump
« on: 19:57, Sun 28 November 2010 »
i quote "fuel pump relay bypassed so fuel pump run's constantly when ignition is on"
any idea's, if so,  is it a simple fix? why would someone do this?

Renault 5 GT Turbo / lifting the back end
« on: 22:27, Tue 16 November 2010 »
so the car was on the ramp for about 2 hours, lot's of elbow grease and wd40 and they gave up!
they could not get it apart, so they drowned it in grease and wd40 sent us away, to go  back in a week.
with a bit of luck it will just come apart, worse case they have to take the axle off and heat to sort it!!
at 40 an hour they say it might take all day.
any idea's

General Chat / getting decals
« on: 20:10, Mon 15 November 2010 »
ok, so car is elec blue phase 1, can anyone tell us ,

what colour should the decals be ?
do they go the entire length or just the bit infront of the rear wheel ?

best place to get them ?


General Chat / billythewhizz story
« on: 20:27, Sun 14 November 2010 »
thought this would make you laugh... i've been with the rac for about ten year's never used them until we got our r5, then twice in two week's both as a result of the front shocks!  it had been lowered that much when you jacked it up you could move the springs!
first hit a pot hole battery moved and shorted on the brace! :shock:
then another rough bit of road cooling fan switch wires disconnected,so it overheated!
We got our local guy to fit the suspension and when we arrived to collect it the car was the same as when we took it in, guys head wasnt...gash to forhead and he said our car had bit him and his spring squasher tool wasnt man enough !!!! :evil:
so last week we got someone else to fit the standard gt turbo shocks and springs fitted, and tomorrow the back is going back up to where it should be.. The roads around here were designed for tractors not lowered gt turbo's!!!
when done will post pictures.

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