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Renault 5 GT Turbo / Which oil
« on: 23:55, Sun 16 January 2011 »
I bought some Castrol GTX semi synthetic 15/40 in asda while it was 10, the haynes manual states 15/50 (I think?) but will this castrol stuff be ok?

General Chat / Decent Garage (or helpful members?) in Midlands
« on: 13:26, Mon 15 November 2010 »
My 9 turbo doesn't run right at all, it will idle ok but is quite lumpy but when driving the choke needs to be on otherwise under deceleration the car cuts out. Also the big pipe underneath the carb near the rocker cover has a bolt going into it? Whats this pipe meant to connect to?

Anyway just wondering if anyone can recommend any garages I could take it to, to get it running right?

Also is there a good place to get spares from, ecp dont recognise my reg and what grade oil does the car take?

Thanks in advance

Newbies / Hi
« on: 13:04, Thu 11 November 2010 »
Hi all,

Bought a Renault 9 turbo a couple of weeks back, needs a few bits sorting out but its drivable for the moment.

Also have an MG B and citroen ax GTi (currently having a VTS transplant)

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