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Newbies / HI from DEVON
« on: 10:53, Sat 16 October 2010 »
Hello all!!
new to this forum milarky but looks very helpful,
ive just become an owner of a phase 2 r5 turbo, well 2 days to be precise and on the drive home from buying it the gearbox went!! can see myself splashing the cash on the car!! from the drive ive had out of it, it could be worth it  :D

Renault 5 GT Turbo / GEARBOX PROBLEM..
« on: 10:32, Sat 16 October 2010 »
hi guys im new to this, ive just bought a renault 5 turbo phase 2, and the gearbox gave up on me after 1 day, do any other gearboxes fit this engine or just r5 turbo ones only,
would be greatful for any answers,


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