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General Chat / Why do people ruin them ?
« on: 10:29, Wed 06 April 2011 »
Ok - the Renault 5 Cabriolet wasnt the prettiest car in the world to start off with but why kit it up and paint it yellow.

There was a VW advert a few years back and it stated ....... "Some things are best left alone", damn good advice if you ask me !! ... 230fb89183

We all know these are a pain in the arse and you cant repair them. Most of the second hand ones you buy tend to be just as knackered as the ones you have taken off you car. They dont work in sub zero condition's and barely work when its warm.

There is a cheap and easy repair / replacement which comes from the Renault 5's little brother.......the Clio. The internal door lock mechanism and electric solenoid for the central locking off a 1997 / 1998 Clio 1 / ph 3 ( the last of the 1st generation Clio's with the combined headlight and indicator ) will fit the Renault 5 perfectly.

The lock bolts in place and the connecting rods fasten up in exactly the same way.

The only difference is the wiring / connector. Make sure you take the connector off the donor car and about 15cm of the wiring.

On the GT Turbo the central locking loom / connector has 5 terminals. One red / 2 purple / 2 white. Cut the connector off and insulate the red - you dont need it. Then quickly check the current with a circuit tester / voltage meter as one of the purple wires gives off more current than the other purple wire. Same applies with the white. When you have found the more powerful feed insulate the less powerful purple and white. You are then left with 2 wires ( you check the current feed by pressing your key fob with the voltage meter connected to the wires ) OK

On the Clio loom there are 2 connectors - more or less same colour. Connect the wires accordingly ( purple - purple / white - white ) join the wires and then connect the pluginto the solenoid and test the central locking. You will find it works very well and a hell of a lot more powerful than your original locks. The button on the centre console for locking your doors will still work fine ( test )

The locks / solenoid you need will have "Vachette" stamped on them. They look different but fit perfect !!

Done the job on my car and they are spot on

Do it yourself / GT Turbo workshop manual
« on: 17:36, Tue 22 March 2011 »
In French but i like looking at the pictures

Special tooling + standard Renault 5

And one for the Gordini / alpine lads

« on: 17:14, Tue 22 March 2011 »
Ooooooofff - every body owes me a pint

Renault 5 GT Turbo / C405 BODY PARTS DIAGRAM
« on: 15:42, Tue 22 March 2011 »
How nice am i ...........If you need any part numbers for any of these items just email me

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Identify the turbo
« on: 16:42, Tue 08 February 2011 »
I have a used engine from a 1991 Raider thats been in stock for some time. Its in superb condition and has been tagged up with a "49k" label. The engine is immaculate and looks spot on.

The turbo on the car ( again in mint condition ) has a dark green twin port actuator and has the numbers BC M27 A/R 48 on the front and on the exit pipe ( intercooler hose port ) it has "87." stamped on the inside. The air intake of the turbo is circular with a larger diameter rim surrounding it.

Is this turbo special or am i talking sh*t ?

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Heater blower
« on: 09:17, Thu 25 November 2010 »
Throwing warm air through the outer vents but middle ones throwing out cold ? ( like the E class W124 Mercs )

Possible heater vent flaps stuck / cables come off ?

Anyone come across this problem before ?


Renault 5 GT Turbo / Refitting cyl head
« on: 16:52, Tue 23 November 2010 »
20Nm + 90deg  ( + or - 4deg )

Anyone use any different tolerance settings or do you just go with the standard settings ?


Renault 5 GT Turbo / VOLVO N7Q 2.0 16V
« on: 11:11, Thu 18 November 2010 »
Out of interest have any of you lads ever considered doing an N7Q 704 ( 140 BHP ) 2.0 16V 4 cyl conversion on a 5 GT ?

If you dont already know ( you probably do ) Renault fitted a pretty much bullet proof 2.0 16V engine in the Laguna / Safrane from 1996 - 1999 and they dont go wrong, its probably the most reliable lump ever fitted to a Renault model. In 1999 they then introduced the Renault F4R 780 ( used in practically everything till 2004 - 700, 730, 732, 736, 738, 740, 744, 746 etc etc ) which is the F7R's little brother.

The N7Q has an aliminum head and block and the Volvo versions ( only fitted to the volvo S40 T4 ) came with 200 bhp standard. You would think with the Laguna eng mounts that this lump would drop straight into a 5 ? If they fitted the F4R / N7Q in a Laguna shell i cant see why it wouldnt ( theres a few R5 F4R conversions around ). The box used was a JC5 075 unit ( specifically for the N7Q lump - no other JC5 will fit. With the right turbo, injectors, intercooler and management system ( DTA / EMERALD ) i cant see why this unit wouldnt be good for a reliable 275 - 300 bhp.

I would have thought that this lump compared to the common F7P conversion would be a better engine to cope with bigger HP + they are dirt cheap to pick up. The unit is fitted to all 2.0 16V Laguna's that have a chassis number starting VF1B56M. ... 19c10f0b32 ... 2a0be321db

Just a thought  :D

Your cars / 1989 Renault 5 GT Turbo
« on: 12:30, Mon 08 November 2010 »
As many of you are aware I bought this 99% completely standard car last month with the intention of restoring it back to its former glory.

I've been looking for a standard one at the right price for sometime so when this one popped up for sale in the classifieds one Friday night i went over to see it and ended up driving it back home. The only mods were a badly set up bleed valve, green filter and a back box.

My main objective is to get the car mechanically perfect ( ie - make sure everything works as it should ) So the first job was to remove the turbo and check it for signs of wear and tear. After removal i noticed the wastegate housing was quite badly cracked so i replaced the unit with a BTN service exchange unit for the time being ( superb quality ) and refitted the unit with new gaskets and seals. When i bought the car i noticed the vac pipes had been removed and incorrectly refitted so i fabricated new pipes and connectors and returned the pipework to standard manufacturers spec.

Whilst the turbo was off i also fitted a new radiator ( 7701414002 ) to improve cooling. A little re-wiring was required as the original loom was looking a little tired.

A new ex manifold / turbo heatshield ( 6001009529 ) was ordered from Renault and fitted. The perculation fan had burnt out upon inspection so i replaced this with a good working second hand unit along with a new perc fan sensor and carb sensor + fabricated a new loom with connectors. All working fine now.

The cooling system was then flushed and replenished with new coolant and the engine oil was also drained and replenished with new oil + a genuine Renault filter. A new fuel filter was also fitted.

The 3" rear back box was also removed and fitted with a new standard Genuine Renault unit ( 7700436453 ) the rest of the section was re-aligned and fitted with new rubber mounts ( 7700779356 )

I then set about rejetting the 2nd stage jet in the solex 32 dis carb to improve fueling at high boost ( many thanks to all concerned for your help ) this seems to have worked quite well.

Once this was done i fitted new plugs, new distributor cap, new rotar arm and plug leads. The "Green" air filter which had been fitted withought much thought, has now been removed and a standard Renault set up fitted ( just waiting for the top pipe off ebay )

The engine is running a hell of a lot better now - just needs setting up on the rollers / wideband.

Next job is running gear ( brakes / wheel bearings / suspension ) and next year the car is going in for a full repaint.

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Car misfire / cuts out at full throttle
« on: 21:45, Sun 07 November 2010 »
OK - built the carb back up and refitted it and took it for a run.

In 1st, 2nd and 3rd gear the car pulls really strong but when changing to 4th and 5th on hard acceleration the car backfires / misfires / stalls for a split second and then comes back to life again - sometimes it will do it a few times so i back off. I've turned the boost down via the brass bleed valve and now its just nudging the first digit of the red section of the boost gauge  ( 13 psi ? ) and now it pulls OK all the way to top end.

Do you lads think this is the boost control valve on the intercooler hose cutting the power ( I've turned the little screw down on the inside all the way ) or could it possibly be something else ?

It was doing this before i jetted the carb - ive fitted new plugs, leads, dist cap, rotar arm etc.

Also if im running 15 psi on the standard T2 were about's on the boost gauge should the needle be touching ?

Any ideas ?

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Another carb question SOLEX 32 DIS
« on: 11:23, Thu 04 November 2010 »
The set up on my car is now back to standard after replacing a lot of vacuum pipes and botched wiring ( someone had been playing with it that didnt know what they were doing ) Ive fitted a brand new turbo, Pace intercooler, new exhaust, new rad, plugs, distributor cap, temp sensors etc + various other ancileries and now the car goes like snot of a stick and is running really well. The original turbo had a large crack on the wastegate housing.

What would you guys recommend running the standard T2 at and would you recommend rejetting the carb for the sort of horsepower gains i will get with a standard T2 or do i just leave it as it is.

Any other advice will be greatly appreciated ( going in for rolling road tune Sat morn )


( just read Steve's post on carbs in the tech section - excellent post )

« on: 13:33, Wed 20 October 2010 »
Heres a list of all the mechanical parts for the Renault 5 GT Turbo. It should help you identify items you need when your rebuilding / repairing an engine. It would take me days to list all of the part numbers so if you need any help just pm me.

I also have panel work and interior schematic drawings.

When ordering parts from Renault you could print the pics off to show the parts lads the bits you need as lets face it - half of them dont know what there doing.

Newbies / newbie ( Renault bod )
« on: 09:29, Tue 19 October 2010 »
Hey up, the names Matt - just bought this totally standard R5 GT Turbo last week and im planning to do a complete renovation of the car.

The car is totally standard and very original - its a little tatty but its all there and complete.

I had quite a few GT Turbos back in the early 90's and now at the grand old age of 36 i thought why not add another to the list.

I'm a Renault tech and have worked at Renault / independent specialists for 15 years.

Some pics ( original advert in autotrader )


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