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Renault 5 GT Turbo / toad alarm disarming?
« on: 11:17, Sun 10 October 2010 »
Hiya guys

Having problems with imobiliser,I had to disconect battery and the car has not had fuel pump prime or starter motor since.

I have tried entering code manualy which works but then turn key and no prime or start.

Have checked starter motor wires alll fine,checked all fuses and tried bridging the fuel pump relay which wouldn't work.

Running out of ideas please help ;-(

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Nearly had a burnt out r5!!!omg
« on: 17:33, Sat 09 October 2010 »
Took the car to gym,had a fiddle round before I left to try and find oil sender wires (these have been cut)

Driving home and go round a fast tight corner notice oil warning light coming on then going off weird.

Park up and sounds like a fan is running but very noisey,I know this not to be the case as they are all on switches.

After a few minutes of scratching my head notice smoke coming from back of engine,so disconect my earth on battery and the noise and smoke stops,ive burnt my finger on earth terminal it was that hot.

Could this be a jammed on starter motor,what would cause this?

Advise needed hopfully smoke wasn't melting wire loom ;_(

Renault 5 GT Turbo / oil warning light
« on: 14:24, Sat 09 October 2010 »
Hello all

What would make the oil warning light come on,It isn't getting an oil pressure reading at all so assumed this would be the cause ie loose conection.

After some reading apparently the two arn't linked,getting abit worried now,the oil could do with a change as its thin,and the oil is topped up enough.

Engine pulls like a train so hoping this is an electrical fault I can find?

Any tips on where to look at for dodgy wires?


General Chat / Free engine and gearbox should I?
« on: 08:54, Sat 09 October 2010 »
Hello all

I was offerd a free engine and gearbox with my car ive just bought last week,the engine aparently knocks and needs rebuilding but gearbox is supposed to be good.

Is it worth my while collecting its a 100 mile round trip or is it not worth anything and best just left for al the agro of trying to get it in the back of mrs rover 25 lol?

Your cars / My new raider
« on: 19:39, Thu 07 October 2010 »
Hello all

I have been out of the r5 scene for a few years but now im back.Pikced my car up from Brighton last week.It has two cobra monaco bucket seats,fmi,t25,15" alloys and unfortunetly a respray in 2 tone swirls,brown/mahogany/electric green with gay flames coming from headlights.

It runs a bar of boost and is suprisingly quick,il get it on the rollers soon to see what power its running.

I have found some slips for santa pod and the fastest was 13.6 so not too shy shame its not still raider blue ;_(

pics to follow.

Renault 5 GT Turbo / oil light on
« on: 19:25, Wed 06 October 2010 »
Hiya guys

Just picked up a new r5 turbo phase 2,what makes the oil light come on?

When I switch the car on a few turns of ignition the oil leval has a reading some times 5 (nearly full) however the pressure side when engine is running doesnt work.I have checked the dip stick and oil is nearly full up.

Im assuming bad wiring would cause this or mayeb a new sender, the oil light is only faintly on but it is on.

Gota love the electrical gremlins of french cars ;_) any fixs or links please let me know Thanks.

Newbies / Hello all
« on: 19:21, Wed 06 October 2010 »
Hello all

I have just bought another gt turbo its a phase 2 raider,that previouse owner has stripped and sparayed 2 tone brown and green ;_(

I used to be on RTOC back in the day but can justify paying 15 to get back on there,im now on my 8th gt turbo after having scoobies and gtirs and what not im still back.

Had an r5 turbo as my first car and guess I have the bug.

I have a shed load of spares with my new car that are in tungston grey if anyone wants anything give me a shout,ive put a classified add up on this site so have a butchers ;-)

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