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Renault 5 GT Turbo / Strange cooling prob?
« on: 14:20, Mon 10 October 2011 »
Basically my car overheated the other day, its always been really good with this and never done it before. Ever since then the water keeps emptying but i cant find a leak anywhere? Driving me crazy!

General Chat / HKS SSQV on a 5?
« on: 14:08, Wed 05 October 2011 »
Anyone done it? Im thinking of running two  8)

General Chat / Mot time!
« on: 09:53, Wed 27 July 2011 »
Took my car this morning at 8AM, passed with no advisories!!!!!! YAY!!!!!! Also took it early so its valid until 17th aug 2012 :) Good r5 news for once!

General Chat / Wiring up gauges.. Easy answers.
« on: 23:28, Wed 15 June 2011 »
Hi everyone, mods please move this if its in the wrong place :lol:
Just wired up a big rev counter  and boost gauge and thought I would post up how I did it, just  incase anyone is stuck with it like I was :)
If you dont have a clock, a really easy way is to use the clock plug. I cut it off which leaves you with..
Red - constant 12v. Yellow - constant 12v. Blue - switched 12v. Black - earth.
If you need to pick up the signal wire (for a tacho) it is the WHITE wire, bottom plug on the AEI unit.

Mark helped me via text with this and Id have struggled otherwise! Hope that it  helps someone! :):)

General Chat / Anyone watch the only way is essex?
« on: 22:04, Fri 29 April 2011 »
I shook hands with Mark Wright [the main character] in a club last night. Reem! lol.

Links / Turbo cinquecento from PSC
« on: 21:06, Wed 13 April 2011 »
An old members car, i like it alot! What you think?

General Chat / Do universal pillar pods fit the 5??
« on: 13:39, Tue 12 April 2011 »
Again with this topic lol, what pillar pods do people use? I dont wanna buy any old one as i know it wont fit  :(  Any help would be great.

General Chat / Jimmys fastcar feature!
« on: 22:08, Fri 08 April 2011 »
Just like to say congrats mate, got my copy of fast car today and its nice to see someone flying the 5 turbo flag in such a classy way;). Good job mate!

General Chat / I crashed my 5 today.
« on: 18:51, Wed 06 April 2011 »
I want to cry.

General Chat / Quick release steering wheel/boss
« on: 14:31, Thu 24 March 2011 »
I dont know if this should go in techincal issues, general chat or parts wanted so here it goes lol.
 Basically im after a quick release boss and possibly wheel so i can take my steering wheel out overnight.
If they make one for the standard wheel or one can be adapted that would be awesome but im guessing there isnt one. Is there one that everyone seems to go for? I dont think ive seen one at all on a 5 but im hoping there quite easy to get hold of?
Anyways any help would be great people!!

General Chat / Big ktec front mount pics?
« on: 18:36, Mon 07 March 2011 »
Anyone got some piccys of a standard front bumper cut out to fit the big ktec front mount? Im getting one soon but wanna keep the standard front so got a feeling there isnt going to be much left of it! :)

Spotted / Was It You? / White GT Turbo, ely!
« on: 13:04, Mon 07 March 2011 »
Big respect to howerver this was! Waitrose carpark about 12.45-1.00 lunch time, white. Looked standard and pretty mint :) If your on here make yourself known, first 5 ive seen in my area since getting mine! :):)

Spotted / Was It You? / White campus
« on: 12:07, Sat 05 March 2011 »
Dont really know where i was, in essex somewhere (witham?) and saw a tidy looking campus. Looked quite smart i would of flashed but it was a last minute spot lol.
Anyoone on here? Think it had grey turbines not 100% though.

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Turbo broken?
« on: 17:07, Wed 02 March 2011 »
Alright guys, basically under any revs i can hear a high pitched whistle.. after about a minute of this smoke started coming out. This was just sitting at tickover, 4 in the afternoon in t shirt weather. It never smokes in these conditions so i was starting to worry..
Got on the phone to mark and whipped the telephone hose off and hey presto some up/down play in the shaft.. not severe but enough to be a problem IMO..  :(  :(  :(

What could have done this? Is it f*cked.. is it more than the turbo to do this?
Any ideas??
Any help would be seriously appreciated because i love this car to bits and i really dont wanna sell her... please any help?

General Chat / Corsa VXR, can we beat them?
« on: 11:19, Tue 01 February 2011 »
One of my GIRLFRIENDS MATES who is my age (19) has just bought a corsa vxr  :cry: lol, how quick are these things? Would my 5 keep up with it? Im running a T2/T25 at 18psi  8)  
Anyone had any experiences with these?

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