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General Chat / A video i found on youtube of our beloved gt5's !!!
« on: 23:42, Sat 12 February 2011 »


Renault 5 GT Turbo / Help before I feckin explode ......wont start :-(
« on: 21:23, Wed 09 February 2011 »
Hey guys,
Right nearly fiished a renovation I am workin on in Ireland. Here is the problem

I parked the car up 2 weeks ago and set about doing bits and bobs.

I put a new battery in etc and there is plenty of fuel.
the engine kicks over and the odd splurt of wanting to start happens then it wont start !

I briefly read about there being 2 fuel pumps etc - can this cause the problem ?
if so how do i switch to the main fuel pump.

(2)  it seems to me fuel is not getting to the engine so whats your thoughts ?

please help i have done nothing but do circlles around the car scratching my head...


Newbies / New Irish GT5 owner :-)
« on: 17:40, Mon 02 August 2010 »
Hey lads.... Just bought a gt5 at the weekend... Always loved the cars... Is there many irish owners on here? Anyways heres   some of the spec... let me know what you think Oh i dunno how to upload pics on this site  :(

uspension: Avo shocks all round, adjusted rear torsion bar, avo front springs, rear shocks have dials
to adjust the damping rate and front shocks have a dial located under strut brace, set up very firm but
amazingly smooth on the move. Front and rear k-tec strut braces.
Interior: Apexi turbo timer, apexi electronic boost controller, cost 550euro plus fitting at the time, Reactive oil pressure, water temp and boost gauges, Seats are Sparco recliners with proper sub frames
and sparco harnesses, I refitted seat belts for NCTs sake, Renault red carpet. The car had a large sound system and dash with tv screens etc but I wanted a more serious light weight car so I sold off that stuff
to buy a cage and dash but it never happened.
Engine: Red and blue samco hoses, K-tec Double capacity intercooler, K-tec front mount intercooler, all piped in stainless piping from k-tec,3 ! yes 3 Group A dump-valves, GT28R rollerbearing hybrid turbo,K&N airfilter, stage 2 head and cam, turbo heat shield, rebuilt block with unrated head gasket, crome rocker cover, stainless header bottle and swirl pot, copper core rad with built in oil cooler, I got a full carb rebuild kit when I got the 300bhp jet for the carb about a 18 months ago, also got a new set of luminition ht leads and platinum plugs, Power flow exhaust with 70mm bore from turbo down, competion cooling fan, low temp switch and thermo stat. Car ran 167.5 bhp and 176 ftlbs of torque at .08 bar. Engine builder reckoned the car should run 220bhp with out any more work and the right jet fitted but with further work to the head could reach up to 250bhp, if your interested in that kind of thing.
The front brakes are 285 mm drilled and vented disks, rear are standard size but drilled disks, pads are
all competion pads, Greenstuff pads I think, all stainless braided hoses all round.
Evo bonnet vent that is very well fitted, Dtm race style mirrors, bumpers are gt-tuning, wheel arches and skirts are fiberglass versions not plastic, Paint was a one off white and was done before I bought the car although i got a half liter made up to match which I still have around the place, Side repeaters are laguna ones, front indicators are clear versions as are the fogs, Don't think the fogs are hooked up
now tho. Mono wipe front wiper, Kaser wheels, yokohama 205/45/16 tires, expensive.

Apexi turbo timer
Apexi boost controller..

List goes on...

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