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General Chat / RENAULT 5 GT TURBO
« on: 03:28, Sun 14 November 2010 »
renault 5 gt turbo 1 of the best car's ever built and this is the best forum to get to know about ur tungy red or radior ,, i love the 5 always have all ways will its part of my life same as most the people on this site can pritty much take the engine apart and rebuild propley in less than 48 hours with tea breas off course lol a lot of people look down on the 5 and laugh mostly skyline and scooby drivers but i look up and smile that my 1.4 ok highly tuned 5 will acctully keep up with u  :lol:   :lol: so hats of to all renault 5 gt turbo owners  8)

General Chat / pooper!!! lol
« on: 15:13, Wed 10 November 2010 »
was just proper avin it with a 07 fiesta st and 4 once the driver wernt a pansy as hit the roundabout side ways just in front i excelerated and poper 2 ht leads of my distributer and the st was gone grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!! i aint avin it i am gona find u brv hahahahaha r5 will kill u  :lol:

General Chat / sig
« on: 18:54, Sat 06 November 2010 »
how do i get a sig u know the pic under my posts cheers

« on: 18:06, Sat 06 November 2010 »

General Chat / TYPE R hahahaha!!!!!!
« on: 16:30, Sat 06 November 2010 »
dont ya just love it when ur 89 gtturbo pisses on an 05 plate civic type R i do,, she kept with a uk spec scooby 2 i found this out last nite  8)

General Chat / weekend of moddin
« on: 22:00, Tue 26 October 2010 »
k tec roof spoiler samco hoses and a front square number plate good things come in 3s  8)  mite take my lights off the steering column and put on switches in a row with my fan and heater switches  8)

Renault 5 GT Turbo / HEATER FAN
« on: 14:02, Sat 23 October 2010 »
can some 1 let me know how and were to run a live wire from the fan heater in the engine bay to the battery. as its not workin from switches in the car and carnt see any conecters in the engine bay :s  THANKS

General Chat / couldnt sell
« on: 20:16, Thu 07 October 2010 »
i put my 5 up for sale and felt sick every day, and everytime i drove it while it was 4sale i was thinkin what the hell am i doing. I only wanted to sell as its not practical for every day use as its stripped out and not to comfrtable to drive SO!!!! i said to myself stop been girl and ragg it 4 abit longer hahaha!!! the car is abit on top but i love it tbh i think i am addicted to it lol can u be addicted to a car ?  :?  so my 5 lives on with me

General Chat / help
« on: 21:05, Wed 06 October 2010 »
hi when i want to add on to a thread some1 has started how do i do this ??as iv clicked on new topic at the bottom and it starts a new thread and when i click on post rply it replys to the last person that asked a question to the person on the thread  :?

Renault 5 GT Turbo / NO HEATERS
« on: 20:06, Mon 04 October 2010 »
hi all me heaters have recently stopped working as winter is come this is not good iv cheaked all fuses but not quite sure on what to do next b4 i start buyin new parts when i drive i get a slight warm air flow so am just thinkin the fan blower mite be up the creek any more ideas thanks

Renault 5 GT Turbo / boost pipes
« on: 20:24, Mon 23 August 2010 »
iv just brought new blue samco boost pipes,, the boost pipes that goes from the intercooler to the turbo has a sensor on it but my new pipes dont have this sensor hole do i need to make 1 or can i just disconnect this ?????

Renault 5 GT Turbo / REVERSE LIGHT
« on: 10:54, Sun 22 August 2010 »
the bloke i brought my gt of had changed the rear lights to the full red 1s i have resently brought the reversing light to get it through the mot but when i put the car in reverse the light doesnt come on grrrr  :evil:  now the bulb is ok and all fuses are ok what next

General Chat / FUEL PUMP
« on: 11:03, Sat 21 August 2010 »
iv replaced the fuel pump relay with a new 1 costing 56 quid went to start it and just turns over and over so that was a waste of money now my problem has got to be the pump but can i find 1 no does any1 no of a different pump from a different car / renault that might fitt THANKS

General Chat / HELP
« on: 21:20, Tue 17 August 2010 »
was drivin home and dropped a gear off a roundabout and car started flutering and stutering and died. i have stripped everything down and cleaned and put back togeher but still wont fire up she turns over lovely just wont fire. wont bump either noticed b4 that the buzzin of the fuel pump wernt always there when i turned the ignition but always fired up   i am thinkin this is the problem any other ideas thanks

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