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Events/Shows/Cruises / Trax
« on: 19:31, Mon 04 July 2011 »
Anyone on here going trax this year?

I'll be going and going out on track aswell

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Best place
« on: 18:02, Fri 01 July 2011 »
Who's the best place to take my spare t2 turbo to and get them turn it into a t25/t2?
My spare t2, needs a new bearing and seal set but would like to make it a bit more powerfull at the same time 8)

what sort of overall power and how soon does the turbo make say a bar of boost on a standard cam?
Trying to decide between a full t25 or a the t25/t2

Renault 5 GT Turbo / bypassing knock sensor
« on: 17:57, Sun 01 May 2011 »
I've seen it posted but unable to find pictures

How is the bypass done?

My knock sensor looks past its best wiring pulled out a little and so i suspect its giving the aei a false input and the reason why my car feels flat at 80mph in 5th and 10psi at wot  :roll:

Dont need to worry about actual det as i've got det cans i can put on whilst checking

Renault 5 GT Turbo / volvo gearbox on C1J
« on: 18:27, Sat 30 April 2011 »
Ok whilst i was robbing diff bits from volvo 440 1.8 gearbox

it turns out it was a m66 gearbox on the tag

Bit of googling and its 6 speed

Now the box looks 100% identical to a jb3 and thus in thoery should fit on a c1j engine?

Has anyone tried such a thing? or will i be the first?  :lol:

General Chat / Front end protection
« on: 20:08, Sat 09 April 2011 »
Has anyone got a bonnet bra from here  fitted on their 5?

they list one for a renault 5 92-95  :?

or does anyone know of anywhere selling a full bumper + bonnet bra?

will only be used for long motorway journeys to shows etc

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Wing mirror stripping
« on: 10:04, Sun 03 April 2011 »
How does the wing mirror glass come out?

Tried pulling it but don't want to crack it  :shock:

Also has anyone successfully removed the mounting from the rest of the wing mirror

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Overboost issue
« on: 13:55, Sat 26 March 2011 »
Finally got my 5 mot'd today

took it slowly there, damn these come on boost easy  :shock:

anyways i've suspected the boost is going to high

So checked another gauge with a calibrated mitivac all good

cable tied the gauge to the drivers wiper arm  :lol:  and drove home, found out it will boost as high as 20psi+ didnt dare go any higher

So, i've got a ktec carb top
one of the ports looks smaller internal diameter than the other as if its restricted
this one was going to the top of the actuator
the other pipe with the exhaust thingy on was on the bottom actuator

I've since swapped the carb top pipes over, unrestricted to the top of actuator and restricted to the bottom but i've got no tax and the post office is shut :(

Renault 5 GT Turbo / carb jets/ pump adjusting
« on: 21:24, Fri 04 March 2011 »
whislt the engine is apart again thought i'd double check the carb so i dont have a repeat of my engine blowing up

This is what i've got writen on the jets and it looks likea standard carb
1st stage has been soldered and drill possibly 1mm -1.2mm checked by eye
2nd stage untouch again checked by eye
1.7mm needle

Do these jets sound right for a car boosting over 1bar?

Also when setting the accel pump,
Am i right in thinking its 5mm drill bit held flush on the body, then adjust the pump nut untill it first starts to compress?

Renault 5 GT Turbo / how to set rear brake compensator
« on: 21:56, Mon 21 February 2011 »
Found out mine is leaking so it needs replacing

My 5 has been decked on the torsion bar by the previous owner and i doubt he has adjusted the spring rod properly as its held fully open (towards front of car) by the rod/spring atm with the car on its wheels and no load inside

once i've replaced the unit, how do i set the rod/spring correctly?

just want the car on the road so i can come out to play with everyone else :(

Renault 5 GT Turbo / wiring gremlins
« on: 20:21, Sun 20 February 2011 »
right doing pre mot checks on the whitey

got a few gremlins

Rear wiper only works when the rear washer is pressed and then it turns and washs at same time

now all the fuses are good and the switch seems to be working aswell, does anyone know where the relay is for the rear wiper?

Also perk fan

I've got no turbo heat shield on and thus no sensor, the fan works fine when bench tested
I've got 2 spade connectors on the n/s of the engine bay which go through a grommet in the bulkhead to the wiring near the coil pack unit

One wire has a constant 12v ignition feed and the other is earth, when bridged nothing happens or blows

does anyone have any infomation or wiring diagrams which could help me out

Renault 5 GT Turbo / air in brake line
« on: 21:52, Sat 12 February 2011 »
Been trying to bleed my brakes without success  :x

Both fronts have had a good flush through and no air is visible coming out through a clear pipe into a clear milk pint glass.
The drivers rear has bled ok aswell.

But the passenger rear will push fluid out but its also pushing out big bubbles or air,
is this a common sign of the rear bias valve failure? if so is there anyway to repair the bias valve

quite tempted to just change everything servo, master cylinder and bias valve  :twisted:

General Chat / Insurance time
« on: 20:09, Thu 03 February 2011 »
Insurance is due on my other car and to keep everything together want to insure the 5 this month

Whos the best for insurance on these little gems? be it classic or limited milage etc

it'll only be used for weekend and the odd bit of track fun  :)

flux have quoted new policy, 22yr old 4 years ncb mirror'd, 1 no fault claim, motor mechanic by trade so not expecting anything too cheap

all singing all dancing fully comp for 850
565 for 3rd party fire and theft

but already with flux for the my other car

admiral want 1800 online qoute for both modified cars, 5 turbo and nissan 200sx

every classic car policy i've seen online wants a 20yr old car

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Fusebox layout + radio wiring
« on: 20:44, Mon 24 January 2011 »
Hi guys

Seems ive got a few fuses missing from the fusebox

Does anyone have a picture of what fuse does what?

Also someone has chopped my radio wiring plug off  :roll:
Does anyone have a list of the wire colours and the wires function? otherwise i'll have to look at my cousin tungy and write down the colours

Renault 5 GT Turbo / what turbo?
« on: 22:47, Tue 11 January 2011 »
turbo shopping time  8)
whats the best recommendation for a turbo that will get me up to 200bhp?
looking to keep the car nippy off the lights so don't want too much lag but happy to trade it off if can hit 200 dead on and ideally plug and play as i've got the t2 still fitted

Have got a turbo technics s14 t28 hybrid still in the box back from being freshly rebuilt off my other car but i'm thinking this will be too laggy with the 64 ar housing?

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Engine management choices?
« on: 00:08, Wed 22 December 2010 »
Hi guys n gals

Just wondering what choices of engine management people have tried and tested?

Looking at fitting a spare t28 hybrid from my 200sx next year when the weather gets better and want to be able to have some form of ignition control

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