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General Chat / new web site
« on: 23:29, Thu 18 July 2013 »
 ;D  8) hope it gets used more now! (spammers fuck off!)

General Chat / MeRrY cHrIsTmAs!
« on: 16:57, Sat 24 December 2011 »
Just like to wish you all a merry christmas and a happy new year, all the best for 2012. :-)

Renault 5 GT Turbo / AFR advice
« on: 08:27, Thu 22 December 2011 »
Hi all, just got myself an afr gauge anyone got any tips or pictures of were there mounted were boss neads going an best place to run the wires thanks. :-)

Site/Forum/Computers / Redesign ideas
« on: 20:39, Thu 25 August 2011 »
If you have any ideas for the forum say here hopefully lee wont mind and may use some to improve the site, my contribution I think the wheel guide could do with a better res picture of the 5 and the ability to change the colour to say all the standard colours

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Steering play
« on: 20:11, Thu 25 August 2011 »
I have got play on the steering wheel, I dont think its the column bushes coz when I wiggle steering wheel I can see the bar moving wich goes into the rubber boot on bulkhead so were could the play be coming from apart from rack ? Any ideas please as I think it may fail an MOT because of it, worst part about it is I caused it myself using a steering lock :-( :(

Renault 5 GT Turbo / advice requied please
« on: 16:54, Mon 08 August 2011 »
hi all
i think i may have a problem with the 5 and hope you guys could try and help me, on saturday i decided to start her up, before i did i checked oil and coolant levels oil was fine coolant level was at minimum so i topped it up to the max mark replaced cap and fired her up.... after about 25 mins the coolant level had dropped back down to the minimum mark, i looked at all hoses and couldnt see any leaks ( they was a few crystal like deposits on one hose but it was dry) then i noticed a little water coming from the exhaust and started to fear the worst, however thinking about it everytime i check the coolant level its at the minimum mark, its been like this since i got it  :? it seams to loose the same amount of water every time, stops at the minimum mark and its fine, temperature gauge was fine, could it be anything else apart from the head gasket ????
sorry for the long post lol and thanks a lot for any help  :D

Renault 5 GT Turbo / colour choice
« on: 20:54, Fri 01 July 2011 »
I am having my speedlines powder coated but carnt decide on colour
vote in the poll please  :D

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Carpet removal
« on: 11:06, Sat 25 June 2011 »
I want to take carpet out to give it a good clean, is it a hard job, it looks like seats out center console and trims around inside ov doors all need to come off first any thing else I need take out or is that it whats best way to do it ? ?

Just thought i would make a thread to find out what kind ov music we all like to listen to while out in our 5,s  :D
i will start with some old niche tunes  :D

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Sills
« on: 19:35, Fri 06 May 2011 »
I am after a pair ov replacment sills for my 5 anyone no best place to get them, cgb wants an arm an a leg! Also it says they iz no pins on them for the sideskirt fixing clips, would riviting them on be ok ?

General Chat / site problem
« on: 19:54, Sat 26 February 2011 »
hey all, i have not been able to acsess the site the last 2 days, keep getting a time out error or unable to display web page message, anyone else having this problem ? was it something to do with the new facebook like button, hope everything is sorted now anyway.

Media / blow off valve
« on: 14:04, Sun 19 December 2010 »

 :mrgreen:  where can i get one ?

General Chat / Tyres for christmas
« on: 13:00, Sat 20 November 2010 »
My tyres are getting a little bald and have been offered a new set for christmas :) thing is i no you cant get 195/55/13,s now to fit standard speedlines or at least its very difficult so i would like to no what you lot use a few prices and best place to get them if possible.
Thanks for any help  :D

General Chat / User avatar
« on: 19:42, Thu 14 October 2010 »
:?  They are not displaying ?  Anyone else noticed this ? Can it be fixed by mods-admin ?

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