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Had a customer send in some renault 5 door cards for refurbishment and a bit of modification so that he could fit his aftermarket speaker grills into them instead of the original plastic grills.
thought that it may be of interest to some so here are a load of pictures of what i did to them  :D

1) these are the grills that the customer wanted fitted into the door cards

2) lower edges of the cards had a fair bit of water damage so section at a time they were clamped flat and painted with a thinned resin so that it penetrated the card and then set in the correct flat shape

3) cracks and surrounding area impregnated with cyanoacryalate to restore original strength

4) again area impregnated with cyanoacryalate to restore original strength

5) this area had 2 cracks, distortion to the shape and a missing fixing so it was clamped in place for teh repairs to be done

6) area surrounding cracks and where the fixing was missing were soaked in cyanoacryalate, fixing was then clamped in place to set

7) bolster on one side had started to collapse but damage was only in the surface layer of the card with the main structure being intact

8) cracked area set with resin to prevent any further cracking occuring

9) to mount the aftermarket grills i cut some rings from mdf sheet

10) mounted the mdf rings in the back of teh door cards so that they sit slightly below the level of the normal speaker aperture

11) view from the top, speaker grill tabs were already missing so it saved me a job removing them :)

12) edges of the speaker holes had seen better days and were crumbling

13) edges soaked with cyanoacryalate to make them good and solid

14) edges sanded down and filled as required to restore shaping

15) blocks fitted to the back of the rings to give something substantial for the grills fixing screws to fit into

16) close view

17) speaker grill surround trial fitted, internal edges refinished as required

18) refinished edge

19 close view with surround in place

20) cards coated in a layer of thinned epoxy, this soaks into the surface ensuring good adhesion and allows refinishing of the card surface to improve the quality of finish

21) surface refinished

22) close up of speaker area after refinishing

23) door cards flocked

24) with the aftermarket grills fitted

Do it yourself / door card refurbishment
« on: 20:09, Thu 02 February 2012 »
like us on facebook to be kept up to date with all our work

been working on refurbishing some doorcards in order to get the process right and be able to offer refurbs as a service to forum members, some background in this thread on RTOC

cards have been stripped, repaired, refinished and flocked in a custom mix grey to match their original color
results have been pretty good, what do you recon ?

if you want yours done they are 100 for fronts or 150 for front and rears, parts must be supplied with covering removed, repairs are possible but will be charged on a basis of work involved
like us on facebook to keep up to date with all our work

General Chat / dont let paypal disputes cost you a fortune
« on: 23:11, Thu 10 November 2011 »
usefull piece of information for anyone who uses paypal as they are bound to give you cause to phone them at some point.
If you have a PayPal dispute, rather than ringing the 0870 730 7191 phone number which you have to pay a premium rate for.

Ring 020 8605 3000 and press 1. Using this option you don't have to pay a premium, just your usual BT rate or your inclusive minutes on your mobile


Renault 5 GT Turbo / seat bolsters, which foam to go for ???
« on: 20:52, Thu 28 July 2011 »
looking to sort out the seats and i have seen 2 different replacement bolsters on ebay

CGB's offering for 19.99 + 4.99 P&P

and one from a seller called tinted106 for 14.95 + 3.45 P&P

they look different from one another so they are clearly not 2 people selling the same part at different prices, does anyone have any experience with either of these or opinions on which is best as im looking to replace all 4 bolsters but dont want to be doing it again in a years time because im not happy with the result

Renault 5 GT Turbo / anti perc fan - what do you recon
« on: 23:27, Sat 16 July 2011 »
since i got my current 5 the antiperculation fan seems to run a lot of the time when it isnt realy needed, this seems to be draining the battery and whilst it still starts fine i cant see it being good for battery life or the life of the antiperc fan.

looking at the haynes manual the first thing that occurs is that the diagram must be wrong as it only shows one thermal switch so moving on i had a look at how it was wired on the car and it appears that the thermal switch on the carb is connected in parallel with the one on the turbo heatshield however when driving the one on the turbo heatshield spends most of its time on and i wasnt sure it realy needed to be on all the time so i disconnected it to see what effect it had.

my observations were that the antiperc fan ran a lot less, only coming on by the thermal switch on the carb when i was edging along in traffic on a particularly hot day and then only for around 60 seconds at a time, i didnt feel any effects of fuel evaporation whilst driving, the only downside was needing to crank it more to start as fuel evaporation had occured after the engine was turned off.

my thinking now is that i could use a relay to dissconnect the thermal switch on the turbo heatshield whilst the ignition is on so that it wont keep the antiperc fan running whilst driving and allow the carb thermal switch to control the temperature of the carb whilst driving.

then when engine is shut off the relay would allow the thermal switch on the turbo heatshield to keep the antiperc fan on until engine bay temperatures come down solving the fuel evaporation after shut off

anyone have any thoughts on this ??

we are currently developing some reproduction door cards as close to originals as possible, i thought i would start a thread to show everyone our progress on the project,

cant make an omlette without breaking the odd egg or two so first we sacraficed a mint set of mk1 door cards to the cause, here they are blanked off, braced and prepared for molding

we have then made temporary molds from them which you can see released here

we are currently making a set out of the molds which we can then finish to a very high standard that would not be possible to get straight from original part, will post more images as we progress with the project


started work on the rear quarters to match the door cards, i decided to work off of some plastic phase 1 cards as they are far less flimsy than the phase 2 ones, first task was to brace the edge that fits by the door as it was flexing a bit more than i liked and i wanted to make sure the new parts are totaly straight

next step was to smooth off the speaker grill found on the phase 1 cards, first i etch primed the grill area so that the filler would stick well.

grill now filled and rest of card etch primed

next the hole for the rear pocket / ashtray needed to be blanked for molding, i had to countersink and screw the rear quarter panel down round the edges to get the plastic to sit flat

screw heads now filled along with all marks/scratches in the original plastic cards, has had 4 coats of high build primer and flatted back between each coat to get a nice smooth finish


rear quarters now coated in 2 pack ready to polish up and mold

set of cards made from temporary molds so that they can be finished to a higher level for making final molds

work begins on improving the finish with lots of filling and sanding


found a fair amount of deviation in the outside edges of the door cards so skim filled the whole thing to make sure it is made totaly straight

sanded back to a smooth even surface all over

sprayed them up in a high build primer to take out any sanding marks or texture left in the surface

wet flatted the primer back to an almost polished finish to ensure the quality of the painted finish

sprayed up in 2 pack ready for flatting and polishing

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