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General Chat / Prices - K-Tec vs GTTuning vs CGB
« on: 02:20, Sat 19 June 2010 »
Ive been comparing prices between K-Tec GTTuning and CGB and the K-Tec and GTTuning prices are more than the CGB prices. For example a twin core intercooler at CGB is 110 and at K-Tec and GTTuning are 300+, same for many other parts.

Is this because there is a difference in quality or just that CGB are brilliant? :?

Newbies / Hello All
« on: 17:27, Thu 17 June 2010 »
Hi my names Forrest

I joined up because this site is great. so much useful information there are loads of very knowledgeable people on here, very helpful. Looking forward to getting to know you all

This is my car - viewtopic.php?f=2&t=8118


General Chat / How much for a full re-spray ??
« on: 20:49, Wed 16 June 2010 »
Can anyone tell me how much a full re-spray in raider blue for a R5 should usually cost? i live in the Channel Islands Jersey and they are quite expensive, so im considering getting the boat over and getting it done.

Your cars / My R5 GTT Raider
« on: 00:13, Tue 15 June 2010 »
Heres my R5 GTT Raider,

The car is standard apart from a KTR 2.5 straight through exhaust and downpipe. Powertech Induction Kit and Dump Valve.

Im putting the car in storage for a year because i am going away traveling, but when i return I plan on putting some money into it im thinking of getting:
Bigger turbo
Twin core intercooler
Cam and vernier pulley
Group a carb
Tubular manifold
Full Samco set of hoses
Group N clutch and lightweight flywheel
Clear Lights side repeaters/ fogs/ indicators

Any advise on the best way to go about this such as best companies, best parts and also any other performance parts worth fitting whilst doing the above to save costs on labour is much appreciated.

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