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Other Renaults / Painting calipers and drums
« on: 17:39, Mon 10 May 2010 »
Just wondering where i could get these done properly in the UK, on my renault 5 campus. I don't want to risk doing it myself as I am no mechanic!
Any suggestions?

Newbies / New :)
« on: 17:33, Mon 10 May 2010 »
Hey, I'm Pog. Currently living in Kent, UK. Studying photography at uni.

So here's my baby, it's my 1st car. Its a 5 campus prima, handed down to me by my grandad. So its no gt turbo, but I can't complain!
Only done a couple things, purely for the aesthetics. I painted the bumpers and skirts to match the body and stuck some 15"s on.

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