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Events/Shows/Cruises / Scottish show and shine! All Welcome
« on: 20:10, Wed 30 March 2011 »

This is my local clubs event. We are in the west of scotland and its a cracking location. Let me know if you want anymore info? Would love to see some 5's there, ill be bringing my clio turbo along.

Test area / Test pic
« on: 20:06, Wed 30 March 2011 »

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Gt gearbox v 16v gearbox
« on: 16:26, Wed 13 October 2010 »
Have a clio 16v with a 5 turbo conversion and after advice from a previous topic have decided to put a 16v gearbox on as this is the only way to get my clio speedo working due to the mechanical cable.

I'm looking for the pro and cons of each gearbox as dont want to change to find out its s**t haha.

I also read that there was a better box put on the williams?? would this be a better idea??

Cheers  :wink:

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Speedo on clio gtt, electronic to manual
« on: 23:46, Mon 13 September 2010 »
Bought the clio with r5 gauges but they didnt fit properlly so bought sum clio williams ones. All the dials work apart from the speedo because the r5 gearbox has a electronic cable coming out but the clio used a mechanical one. Any ideas on getting round this without buying another gauge. Cheers. [list=][/list]

Newbies / Hi from west coast scotland
« on: 22:57, Mon 13 September 2010 »
Got a clio with a gt turbo conversion. Loads of fun  :D , just gonna get it tidied up and looking good, ecspecially under the bonnet. I'm part of a fairly new car club thats quickly growing interest.

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