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Renault 5 GT Turbo / getting no oil through engine
« on: 11:07, Mon 08 August 2011 »
Hello, i think i know the answer but id better ask anyway. Ive taken my sump off to investigate some low oil pressure at idle and found a load of shite clinging to the oil pump strainer.

Ive taken the strainer off away from the pump to clean it and also shimmed the spring whilst it was off, i did try to take the the pump away from the block but it didnt budge :roll: , anyway ive bolted it all back and turned her over for quite a few times and ive not had any oil come through the turbo oil feed pipe.
 Ive now looked through the haynes manual and noticed it says top the oil pump up with oil before boltiing on, so im guessing ive got an air lock or something hense why ive no oil appearing, anyone had this experience :?:

General Chat / smokey turbo
« on: 20:18, Mon 25 July 2011 »
I think my turbo is the cause of the smoke so will need a rebuild :x how much am i looking at to get this sorted and any reccomended places, thought id mention that its a ktec 230 t25 that has only covered around 400miles (this is making it harder to swallow) it has minimal side to side play and no in or out, no oil going into cooler pipes.

Renault 5 GT Turbo / compression test dummies guide
« on: 13:23, Fri 22 July 2011 »
Yes i am the dummie :lol: do i need to do a wet test or dry, also engine hot or cold etc im trying to find the cause of some white smoke i had yesterday

Renault 5 GT Turbo / boost problems
« on: 18:47, Thu 21 July 2011 »
Me again, after drilling out my 2nd stage jet to 1.2 and my a/c to 1.0mm i was getting 11.8 ish at wot at 13psi manifold, so after running it like that for a few runs out i shortened the actuator a few turns this morning,

 I only managed to run wot 4 times the 1st time was from traffic lights up to 3rd gear and it pulled lovely but was a short run due to speed camera ahead.

The 2nd and 3rd time was dropping into 4th on motorway then booting it, now the boost gauge seemed go up and pull but then it seemed to just hold at a certain boost pressure for a few seconds before picking up if that makes sense, afr's were in the green part of gauge (cant really remember the reading though but i know it wasnt lean) i then tried this another time and it did the same thing so i back off and then i boot it again and my long throttle cable pulls out of its brass socket at the engine side :twisted: i managed to repair this at the side of the motorway but due to me not wanting it to pop out again i didnt boot it anymore, is the throttle pulling out of its socket anything to do with the dodgy boost reading, sorry its long winded, just to add boost went up to 16psi.

Ive just taken the car for a run, mainly motorway driving, now when i get to a standstill ie roundabout the pressure light flickers the gauge reads about 10psi on idle and then once up to speed its about 40psi, ive the correct amount of oil and the oil is 10w 40 halfords purple bottle.

Just to add to my worries ive noticed alot of white smoke once id arrived home, i dont recall seeing any smoke whilst on journey. It was smoking whilst oil light was flickering.

Ive just checked oil for mayo and its clean oil :D ive also checked water and its fine just a nice blue antifreeze colour :D  Ive just started car up in garage about 30mins after switching her off after me run and the light isnt flickering and ive no white smoke, what is going on HELP PLEASE regards neil :)

Renault 5 GT Turbo / sputtering
« on: 19:39, Thu 30 June 2011 »
Me again  :lol: , ive increased my 2nd stage to 1.2 and put my a/c to 1.0mm ive only just been able to take it for a very short drive, but have noticed that in 5th maybe 4th gear if i put me foot down it will be reading 12.5 ish then it will just splutter and the afr will be right past 18 :(  could this be  bits of crap from the drilling? if i remember it doesnt do it all the time.

Also on steady driven 5th gear about 3k rpm the afrs are up around 16 is this ok, if not what could i do to make it abit more richer im planning on driven her to pod tomoz morning but now im starting to worry that 250 + miles sat at 16afr isnt going to be to good for the old girl.

Renault 5 GT Turbo / What rpm at 50mph and 70mph
« on: 20:02, Wed 29 June 2011 »
My speedo doesnt work, and after going up the M1 for a conference i need to know what speed im doing friday for pod day, as theres loads of speed restriction cameras along there :roll:

so could someone tell me what revs id be doing on a standard gt gearbox @ 50mph and 70mph many thanks neil :mrgreen:

Renault 5 GT Turbo / strut top mount.......
« on: 18:09, Fri 24 June 2011 »
Alright folks,

Ive noticed that my near side strut is knocking every now and then.

Ive given the nut from inside engine bay a wiggle and the whole lot moves :shock: , now im not sure what part is worn out because theres a few components up there any ideas :!:

Also i have a spare r5 but its only a 1.4 maybe 1.1 cant remember, but can i use anything from this to fix my gt :?:

Many thanks in advance neil

Renault 5 GT Turbo / oil flow through cooler
« on: 16:42, Tue 21 June 2011 »
Hello, ive just got a inline oil thermostat but i need to know what way the oil circulates before i fit it, i think someone said the oil comes out of the left side of sandwich plate through the cooler then returns to the engine by the right hand side of sandwich plate is this correct (this is looking at engine from front of car)

cheers peeps :D

Renault 5 GT Turbo / struggling to find gear when hot
« on: 20:14, Tue 14 June 2011 »
Right ive fitted a quickshift gear lever only the main shaft not the little linkage by gearbox. I can find all gears when cold and have no problems but after around 20mins of driving i sometimes struggle to find gears mainly 1st what could be the cause of this.

Ill add that ive just checked the oil and its fine and up to the max level.

General Chat / mocal oil sandwich plate with built in thermostat
« on: 19:55, Mon 13 June 2011 »
As title, im after one and im sure they sell one but im struggling to find one, all i keep finding is one that you slice into the oil line. Also what average oil temp are you guys getting if you've got a gauge that is :D Im only getting up to 70 degrees on idle but as soon as i go it drops to 50 sometimes less :shock:

Renault 5 GT Turbo / oil leak
« on: 10:25, Sat 28 May 2011 »
Hello all, ive noticed an oil leak coming from the timing chain end of engine only leaks when running, im guessing its from chain cover as i whipped this off many moons ago.

Could there be anywhere else where it could be leaking from :?:

If it is the chain cover where did i go wrong  :?: i dont remember putting a new seal in by the pulley only putting the sealant around the edge. Should i have done this :?:

Also could someone give me a dummies guide to fixing this, not sure if ive got to drop sump to put chain cover on then put sump back on,

It would be very nice if someone could help me on this, thanks in advance neil.

Hello people, ive managed to knock out one of the reservoir fliud pipes that goes into the top of master cylinder whilst tightening up a union, it hen discovered that the rubber seal had split possibly why it popped out so easily :(

Anyway my question is when i get a replacement rubber seal, what is the easiest way to push the reservoir pipe into the master cylinder because last time i tried i had to take the whole master cylinder off and press them in using a vice surely this cant be the right way :?: Any advice will be greatly appreciated

 Do i put the rubber seal in first then the pipe or do i put rubber seal on pipe then press in this way :?:

Renault 5 GT Turbo / really high afr reading just on idle
« on: 17:56, Thu 21 April 2011 »
Hello, ive just got myself an afr gauge kit installed it today, started car up and on choke it read about 12, then when i turned choke off it started rising up 15, 16, 17 etc untill its off the scale  :evil:  if i gave it a rev it went into the green but if i held revs at 2000rpm it would read well into the red on gauge.

Im also having idling issues but ive had this for ages just been doing other jobs and putting this off :lol:  ive played with the mixture screw and its doing nothing with the afr reading, please help anyone

regards neil

General Chat / joining the rtoc
« on: 09:19, Wed 13 April 2011 »
Is it worth me joining up to this site, i did join back maybe in 2008/09 ish but then the site died for ages so i didnt get any joy for my 25. Now my cars looking like it will see tarmac very soon i wouldnt mind taking it to a few meets, shows etc hence me thinking about joining again

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