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Renault 5 GT Turbo / volvo
« on: 16:08, Wed 06 June 2012 »
does anyone have or bo a link for a diagram for volvo cinversion into renault water pipes? cheers

Renault 5 GT Turbo / clutch fork arm
« on: 17:40, Thu 26 April 2012 »
i bought a williams box a few days ago and need a clutch fork arm for it.. i have a campus and gtt engine and box laying about so ill take the fork from one of them, but how do i remove it? do i have to remove the box just to get it out?

Renault 5 GT Turbo / volvo power!
« on: 18:05, Wed 11 April 2012 »
after going to the surrey meet last month and seeing marks volvo powered extra van ive been considering going down the fuel injection i bought a compleate 440 lump and im piking it up tomorow. is there any bits i should make sure i get this is what i can think of

engine and box
whole loom inc 2 boxs 1 for fuel 1 for ignition
airflow sensor
ecu (if the ecu isnt the 2 boxs)
and throttle cable...wasnt sure if it will fit but will be usefull to make one to fit the 5

thats all i can think of. is the gtt pump up for the job? im sure the pump on 440 is in the tank??
ive already got the gtx front mount and altinator bracket so thats all sorted
is there anything else i need to sorce?

Renault 5 GT Turbo / random boost?
« on: 20:49, Tue 10 April 2012 »
ive been driving the car around for the last few weeks everything running spot on running about 13 - 14 psi when today on the way home i gave it a boot and it boosted right up to around 18 psi which cant be good for the poor little t2! so i let off and drove home like a normal person :(. checked all the pipework everything is as it should....any ideas? possibly actuator? i discovered the nut on the end was slightly loose but you cant wind the rod by had so couldnt see it being that? only other thing i could think of is maybe ive put the pipe from the carb onto the wrong carb top port as its curently on the port closesed to the bulk head. but its been set up like that for weeks now and never this problem.

Renault 5 GT Turbo / deep dish?
« on: 19:03, Mon 20 February 2012 »
i want deep dish alloys on my car im thinking 6.5j front and 7 j rear. can anyone a ideal offset  and pcd ect? they will also be 13" so i can keep the car low and flare the rear arches a little. just want them to poke out the rear to were the gtt rear arch would stick out to and a little less on front


Renault 5 GT Turbo / campus project help
« on: 19:18, Sat 31 December 2011 »
right all the engines in plumbed up ect cant get uer to fire up though. as far as i can tell i dont think its getting fuel. theres fuel getting up to the carb but its not coming out of the jet i dont think and its not getting a spark so i think i need to sort tje power to aei. wjat wire is its source of power? just to confurm the fuel line comes from under the car to the side of the regulator then out the other to the carb then the other pipe next to it goes in the bottom of regulator out the top and into the hoses off the carb top?

Renault 5 GT Turbo / campus conversion
« on: 17:40, Wed 28 December 2011 »
ive been bombing about in my slammed campus for a while now and just got hold of a gtt with quite alot of rust but with a standard engine, few hoses have been changed but stil evenl has standard airfilter, even the baffle on the underside of the bonnet! lol going to be doing a campus conversion again over the next few days and just wanted to refreash my memory.....ive been looking through the conversion threads and the only things i want to no are whats the minimun i have to remove to get the turbo engine out(its coming out the top) like pipe work ect and i no were the regulators were abouts is but cant remember if its bloted to engine or on the bulk just so i can get on and get the engine out tomorow at least. ill post some pics aswell :). also this means theres a shell going for cheap or maybe a rolling shell, f reg, red, drivers side seal, fuel cap area, and rear beheind where the rear bumper bolts on passenger side is rusted right through, and ther will be no bumpers sides or arches seats ect, very cheap just to clear it from work dash is mint! any questions just ask

Renault 5 GT Turbo / getting the turbo back on the road
« on: 18:23, Wed 09 November 2011 »
getting my gt back on the road its going in for mot soon :) just wondering if anyone could tell me how to un do the cup mod as im sure it used to run better with the standard pipework and without the in car boost lol (havnt fiddled with it, it was tunned and left alone. also the car seems to be not running quite right ticks over fine and revvs fine when not moving, but when you drive and the turbo kicks in it backfires extreamly loud and doesnt seem to go anywere, this clears eventualy but it doesnt seem to have much poke anymore the acceleration seems to peak early :(

Renault 5 GT Turbo / knocking
« on: 02:56, Sun 19 June 2011 »
knocking coming from my suspension over ruff terrain (most roads) if i jack it up, take the wheel off and shanke the shock theres play comung from the top. sound like top mount bearing?

Renault 5 GT Turbo / experementing
« on: 17:39, Wed 01 June 2011 »
got one or 2 ideas i wanna just share and see what feedback i get
your all going to say just buy a gtt lump but i wanna try a few things

if i put a turbo manifold t2 turbo, actuater, intercooler, and turbo head on my campus lump and ran it on low boost say 6 psi with standard pistons and created a carb top for the injection? im sure it would be capable to take that. my mate did it to a ax gt a few years ago a and its still going strong....bodyworks not lol

my other question is would it be possibble to put cbr carbs on and then turbo it? lol

Spotted / Was It You? / orange turbo in ashurst
« on: 01:22, Fri 29 April 2011 »
saw a orange gtt in ashurst (kent) flushed boot looked lairy! i was in my black 5

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Advice on the project
« on: 20:12, Mon 18 April 2011 »
As some of you no im doing a campus project at the mo, exteriour is done interiour is in progress so its time for some engine work :P (PLEASE CORRECT ME IF YOU THINK ANYTHING IVE SAID IS WRONG OR ANYTHING TO IMPROVE WILL BE A BIG HELP)
my plan is to put bike carbs on, and after doing alot of research it seems that honda cbr600 carbs seem to be the most i bought some.. recon 92 cbr600 carbs with trumpets and the inlet rubbers all ready to go on. also was thinking of putting a 1.4 or 1.7 mechanical pump on so i cant over fuel, or just get a cbr600 pump as they have a pressure cut out anyway. the only thing i need to do is get the jets drilled out (any ideas how much?) and get a manifold made up (bogg brothers). but i wanted to be creative and have a shot at making my own manifold. anyone got any ideas on how i could go about making one? its going to be abit awkward because the exhust manifold but im determined to make this project work as i think the car will fly and sound the absoloute nuts! also im gunna have to make the pipes from the manifold very stubby to fit them infront of the bulkhead....or just cut out the bulkhead and put some bonnet pins on? i would have posted this on my project page but it hasnt been looked at (probs because it took ages to put pics up but there on now!!)
help would be much appreciated!

Renault 5 GT Turbo / couple of things
« on: 21:50, Mon 21 March 2011 »
got a new campus project, just wanna stick with the normal engine and tune it for fun, and see what i can create out of it
was thinking turbo head and rail, uprated head gasket and bolts, piper cam? deffo wanna cam, any sugestions? i will leave standard car for abit, maybe when i do the head ill put a standard turbo carb on, but eventually i want r1 carbs on it
just want some advice on what i could do like what cam would be most efective for that engine and will the head n rail make that much difference to power or just make it bulletproof? lol and would it be better to get jenvy throttle bodies or suzuki carbs, anyhting? also would i benifit much by putting a 1.8 16v clio box in?

Your cars / The new campus project!
« on: 13:54, Sun 20 March 2011 »
i had to part with my gtt but still wanted a r5 so i bought a mint campus with low millage and good condish, i fancy having a n/a car for abit aswel getting abit fed up with the unreliabity of the gtt engine, basicy you never see campus' that have had the standad engine tuned which is suprising as there really nippy for a 1400cc! my plan engine wise is to put a gtt head and rail on it, uprated gasket and bolts, piper cam 285 ajustable cam, r1 carbs, full exhust system, uprated pump and fuel regulator and i recon the car will fly! for the moment ive bought coilovers but havnt fitted them yet becuse im getting new discs and pads for the gtt hub before fitting and will find some gtt wishbones aswell, but have put some 40mm lowering springs on standard shocks and lowered rear beam, put gaz shocks on rear aswell. ive started putting gtt bumpers on, and have sprayed them and the pannels on the back matt black, and have put bright yellow tints on the foggs, it looks quite good!, my plan is to spray the sides and arches and cut the side pannels so the kit slots around it and get the pannels sprayed the same colour as the car (dark blue) and have got some gtt speedlines in black with new tryes all round, as for the interiour ive just fitted the steering wheel and glovebox but i want to put clio 172 seats in all round and a big rev counter sitting on the top of the dash and a few dials around, maybe change the carpet not sue yet.
 i will put pics up as soon as my freind uploads them, and any advice or input would be cool!

Renault 5 GT Turbo / torsion bar
« on: 18:35, Fri 04 March 2011 »
ino this has probly been asked about a billion times but i have a few questions on lowering
1. what can i use instead of a slide hammer? if anything how? there a bar each side or just one? i turn it clockwise or anti clockwise to lower and has anyone got an idea how much one turn per mm lower it goes?

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