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Renault 5 GT Turbo / Shifting in reverse
« on: 12:24, Mon 28 February 2011 »
Quick question (couldn't find it with the search).

Have another gearbox, shifts good now, BUT reverse has no protection setting, so when I drive off in 1st, I need to be very carefull not to shift it into reverse!

Does this have to do with the gear linkage underneath the shifter?

When I shift the gears, they do feel to be a little out of center and too much on the right side when using the stick, but all gears shift properly.

Any help is welcome!

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Sizes and ET-values
« on: 21:54, Sun 13 February 2011 »
Still confused about the possibilities under a 5gt  :?

Stock our cars have a 5,5 wide wheel with ET value 36.

So if you want a wheel that's wider and lager, do you go with a low ET value?

asuming you want 15" wheels that are 8" wide, you'd need an ET value of around 0 in order not to touch the suspension?  Would the outside ring clear the fenders?

Then there's the tire issue, if you go with low small tires, would they help clear the outside, like on some cars you see around?

Anyone every went with wide wheels?  Any thoughts on the subject?  Thanks!

Renault 5 GT Turbo / 2011 - which induction kit would you recommend?
« on: 22:38, Sat 29 January 2011 »
I know millions of topics on this already, but induction kits also change or get uprated or new ones come out...

So I'm going to get an induction plug-play kit (no relocation) which one can you guy recommend?  As gains are minimal I've read, let's go for good filtering and nice suction noice  :mrgreen:


Renault 5 GT Turbo / in-car dumpvalve : how to?
« on: 12:52, Thu 25 February 2010 »
Anyone fitted this and took some pictures?

What to connect/disconnect?

Is there another place usable instead of the clock, which I would like to keep in place..?


Renault 5 GT Turbo / engine goes out...what else to replace while out?
« on: 20:56, Sun 21 February 2010 »
Title sais it all  :mrgreen:

Since I'm going to take out engine/gearbox what do you suggest to replace for sure?

Clutch? timing belt? other stuff...?


Newbies / Regards from Belgium!
« on: 20:33, Mon 15 February 2010 »
ok here goes my story...

15 years ago I had a R5 GTT (faseI) from 1986, man I loved that car.  Blew the engine up on the motorway because some shop did a very poor repair on the head gasket (they hammered the piston sleeves down to straighten them out apperantly) so I had to sell the puppy, I still was a student...

In 2009 for 'nostalgic' reasons I bought a faseII 1988 red GTT that was sitting at a body shop next to my brother in law.  After passing it on regular basis I deceided it had to be mine!

I just love them in red, great color on the GTT...

The looks of it just bring back the good 'ol days when I was running my GTT versus peugeot 205 gti's and golf II 16V's... (man those were good days)

Some pics :

I've put on new tires and replaced a sensor, but a lot needs to be done..

Worst thing is the box that pops out of 4th gear sometimes..  :?

I want it as stock a possible on the outside (ok the exhaust can stay), to me it's a 'classic'..


Renault 5 GT Turbo / Pops out of 4the gear...
« on: 22:34, Fri 12 February 2010 »
Hi all,

Question : when driving my gtt I always have the feeling when shifting the car doesn't properly go in it's gears.

A lot of times she actually pops out of 4th gear too.

Usually when removing my foot from the gas pedal in 4th there's a little "singing" noice and the shifter pops out.  Not really happing in any other gears though, but it doesn't feel snug.

Any suggestions?  Thinks it's the synchro?


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