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Renault 5 GT Turbo / campus vs gtt??
« on: 11:31, Mon 29 March 2010 »
hey all i need to know the differences between a few things so that i can put gtt stuff on my campus, these are:

front brakes: i knowi need the gtt calipers but do i also need the gtt carriers to fit them??
gearbox: does the gtt have a more open ratio than the campus? also the gear linkage? is this different on the gtt?
brake master cylinder: is the gtt 1 bigger??

Your cars / my 1st 5
« on: 21:01, Sat 06 March 2010 »
ello all been hovering around this site for a little while now and have only just got my 1st 5 and its not even a propper one :(

few really good reasons why i bought this:

99% rust free
very basic (not a lot to go wrong)
limited interior (no need to strip)
the paint omg the paint was mint for a red car not faded atall

ive got a few plans for it ive only had it 2 days and ive started buyin stuff for it already. il be going back to college to do motorsport engineering as makin cars faster is my passion

il let the pics do the talking....

the grill i bought off ebay

the rims i bought just this minute

from an old ford escort so 4x108 pcd but 13'' and 7JJ :D only 6kg a rim, gotta get wheel adaptors from america to fit em

theres a few things a fucking hate about the car already for example

renault reliabilty: driving home a white van man undertook me dangerously close to a lorry i attempt to toot ma horn at him to find it coff and then die wtf renault i need a horn!

the handling is sloppy to say the least

build quality atrocious

acceleration..... :lol:

the brakes in themselves are a friggin hazard they are so bad

the clutch is unbelievably heavy

but i didnt buy it for that, the 5 has charm and character

hope you like my build up :)

out of interest does anyone know the paint code or name for the red 5's??

Renault 5 GT Turbo / security
« on: 16:57, Sat 06 March 2010 »
hey all, need so questions answered. ive got a 5 campus, has no central locking or alarm or imobiliser and i was thinking about a viper but was worried if i got 1 fitted i wouldnt then be able to do the boost conversion?

any info is apreciated

General Chat / gay campus
« on: 20:30, Fri 05 March 2010 »
hi guys, just got me my 1st 5 but its a campus...ah well its a rust free and clean example 68k on the clock and the most basic car perhaps in the hole of the western world.

my main interests are

turbo conversion from c1j (ive read the rightup)
cooling? can you use gt turbo oil and water cooling kits??
brakes? are the campus fronts as same as gtt? can i do a rear disc swap?
wiring? does any of it need to be changed for the turbo setup??
my horn doesnt work? is this a common problem?
both rear licence plate lights dont work? is this a fuse or short or just bulbs? also is it common??

cheers, matt

Renault 5 GT Turbo / wheels??
« on: 10:43, Wed 10 February 2010 »
hey all was just curious as to what the widest wheel fitted to any 5 was that maintained all the steering lock?

Newbies / ello all
« on: 20:16, Thu 04 February 2010 »
ola amigos! my name is Matt and as the name suggests my background is in hondas. however im takin a break from the jap scene as i think ive fallen in love with the R5. i came up with the idea of gettin 1 as i think im gunna need a cheap as fook car to get me to college and back so i can do motorsport engineering :) i was thinkin of gettin just a campus 1.4 and boostin it although theres a few things im unsure of. i know the engine is a C1J but is there any difference  between the NA version and the gtt version??

cheers, matt

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