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Renault 5 GT Turbo / Putting a new engine into a GT5?
« on: 16:51, Mon 18 January 2010 »
I had a GT5 Raider about 3 years ago it gave me alot of trouble and I spent good money on it and sold it on for a quarter of the price I paid for it.
It was an amazing car, fcuking gorgeous and 5's are my favourite car.

I have recently got it into my head to buy another 5.
Should I put a new engine into it, maybe a 1.4 turbo clio engine?
Looking for some advice please because I cant afford to much hassle either.


Newbies / New to forum people!!
« on: 16:45, Mon 18 January 2010 »
Hello there, im a GT5 lover from Ireland. I joined this to get some advice.


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