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Spotted / Was It You? / 2 R5GTT's parked up in Aylesbury
« on: 14:45, Sat 07 January 2012 »
Hi guys long time since i been on here as have been moving around and finally got settled in a little village outside aylesbury and whilst on some exploring the surrounding town i see 2 r5 gtt's parked up in stoke mandeville in aylesbury and wondered if its anybody on here ?

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Fuel filler neck ? rust !!!!
« on: 17:14, Wed 08 December 2010 »
hi guys,

need some help as been to look at a r5 gtt and there is a rusty hole behind the fuel filler cap and was wondering if you can buy a replacement panel ? or does it come with the rear quarter panel ?


General Chat / Anybody seen/worked on/know anything of this R5 GTT
« on: 11:33, Thu 23 September 2010 »
Been looking at getting another R5 GTT after i sold my one earlier this year and ive been missing the raw power and fun of a turbo'd car....

Ive been looking on ebay and pistonheads for any R5 GTT that i like the look of and would like to buy the only problem im coming up against is im a fair distance from most that come available to buy...

So id like some help from fellow members regarding a couple of r5's that im kind of interested in.....

Anyknowledge of the cars would be much appreciated: (all ebay auctions)






Cheers Guys

Right thought id come and complain as after i sold my R5 GTT i thought id go for another french hot hatch (standard D reg peugeot 205 1.9 gti with only 57,900 miles) and have garaged that to keep the milage down and now want another R5 Turbo.........

Ive now been the winning bidder on ebay for 2 R5 GTT's  but they fob me off saying there not going to sell them for the money i win them for......(980 and 790) and there worth easily double that!!!!!!! i have done all nessecary with ebay about complaining and have a few leads to follow up on regarding that.......

Its not like they were modified 200+ bhp immaculate cars ! they were run of the mill, nothing special R5 Turbos with a different set of alloys on needing a bit of tlc and service items......

So what i want to know is WHO told these jumped up chav's the cars are now worth thousands !!!!!!!  

I feel a little better now with a windge off my chest so if anybody knows of a good little R5 GTT for sale please let me know,

many thanks

Your cars / Not an R5 but still its a 80's Freanch Hot Hatch
« on: 12:41, Sat 10 July 2010 »
here are a few pics of my 205 gti i bought after selling my R5 GTT  :(

Hope you enjoy ?

General Chat / Sad to sell my Silver R5 GTT
« on: 18:36, Thu 08 July 2010 »
After a few months of ummin and arrrin i finally plucked up the courage to sell my R5 and within the 7 day auction on ebay and posts on pistonheads i had 12 offers and then the first viewer to come and see the car bought it.

Now ive got myself another french hot hatch, a Graphite Grey 205 1.9 GTi, in mint condition may i say, but after the first pressure wash the laquer on the roof has started to come off !!!! BLOODY PRESSURE WASHERS !!!!!

But altho i aint got a R5 GTT anymore i still hold an extremely soft spot for them and will eventually buy another but will wait for a nice clean example !!!!

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Shortening the actuator ?
« on: 22:22, Thu 20 May 2010 »
hi guys been reading marky marks comments on another thread (boost valve vs actuator) and was wondering how you actually shorten the actuator arm ?

i have just put the standard t2 turbo on i got with the car when bought (as due to seals goin in my t25) and it has the standard actuator on with the nut on the screw thread wound all the way away from the actuator body.

How can i turn the boost up or is this been turned up ?

Any help would be helpful as i cant stand not having my t25 on and miss the boost !!!!

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Turbo manifold housing ???
« on: 19:37, Wed 19 May 2010 »
Hey guys, can anybody help ?

How many bolts are meant to be around the turbo manifold housing, that face the part where the oil pipes join ? heres a picture to show as im sure there is meant to be 4 but i think one of mine has snapped the head off (see red arrow) and theres a gap now (see green arrow)

General Chat / door fitting ?
« on: 15:42, Tue 27 April 2010 »
does anybody know if the drivers and passengers doors off a 5 door r5 will fit a 3 door ?

General Chat / Website stickers
« on: 20:18, Thu 08 April 2010 »
Hey guys just wondered if anybody has news on the stickers front ???

General Chat / Double Capacity Race Spec Radiator
« on: 17:52, Thu 08 April 2010 »
Been looking at these on ebay (item number 130374462836)
and wondered has anybody had anything to do with these, ever fitted or know anybody who has one ?
Also does the standard fan still bolt onto the back ?

Asking as ive sent emails to the company whos selling them and no reply ???

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Doesnt like to tick over !!!
« on: 16:24, Sat 03 April 2010 »
where abouts in/on the carb is the tick over jet as run my r5 out of petrol (bloody fuel light decided to pack up on me) and i think its pulled some crap out the bottom of the tank !

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Carb mixture screw .....
« on: 18:42, Sun 28 March 2010 »
been fiddling with the carb and wondered if anyone knows which way does what on the mixture screw ???

eg clockwise = richer ????

General Chat / Thanks scratcher
« on: 16:14, Sat 27 March 2010 »
just writing to say thanks to scratcher (decent bloke)

sorted me out with a standard r5 gtt bonnet in silver!

not pricey either  :D

perfect match and would use again!


Renault 5 GT Turbo / Breather hoses ?????
« on: 18:46, Fri 26 March 2010 »
Hi any ideas on wether the breather hoses not having any jubilee clips on would effect anything ??

just looking at tidying up the engine bay and they look in need of being fastened ????

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