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General Chat / F7p vs C1j?
« on: 23:03, Tue 03 April 2012 »
Hi, is the remapped F7p with full exhaust and intake faster inside the GTT then original C1J @ 1bar  and strapped cooler, and exhaust?

Is there anyone that has done 1/4 mile with std f7p gtt ? :))


Renault 5 GT Turbo / mounting F7p into GTT
« on: 18:55, Fri 30 March 2012 »
Ok guys, i finally got an engine for my GTT, after long time. Can anyone tell me how to fit the engine into my GTT ? Can i keep the GTT gearbox ?

What Mounts i need for conversion ? pictures would be great if u have guys!

Renault 5 GT Turbo / F7P 1.8 16v conversion
« on: 10:22, Tue 22 November 2011 »
hi all,

I have a renault 19 Sport 16v with 1.8 engine inside.
I wanna fit the engine into my GTT,

What do i need to do to engine mounts, in order to fit the engine inside? Is the gearbox the same as GTT''s ?

What do i do with driveshafts? Do i keep the GTT's or do i use 16v's  ??

Guys i need informations as much as u can send me, cause i am taking the enigne out of R19 by the end of the week. :)

Thank you all !

General Chat / Renault 19 16v Brakes
« on: 15:22, Sun 08 May 2011 »
HI guys i have got a wrecked Renault 19 sport 1.8 16v, Can i fit the brakes from it onto R5 GTT ?
If i can what needs to be changed ??


Renault 5 GT Turbo / F7P vs F7R
« on: 09:15, Fri 29 April 2011 »
Hello all,

I am curious which engine is better for TURBO conversion, in terms of reliability and performance
F7P 1.8 16v or F7R 2.0 16v  ??

What are the main differences ?


Renault 5 GT Turbo / F7P 1.8 16v TURBO power
« on: 19:06, Sat 09 April 2011 »
Hi guys, i am curious how much power can be taken out of F7P 1.8 16v ? Of course, engine built with forged pistons and rods and standalone ECU etc..

I am just curious how much power people usually take out of this engine, and its potential for the 1/4 mile racing.


Renault 5 GT Turbo / How much BHP?
« on: 20:33, Thu 17 March 2011 »
Hi everyone, i am currently running:

Stock T2 @ 1.3bars
Rejjeted carb AFR ratio 11.9 - 12.2 at full boost and hi revs
Large FMIC
2.5" exhaust full pipe with no silencers or mufflers
Large cone K&N filter.

How much HP do you think i am running currently??


General Chat / Turbo Garrett GT2854R
« on: 20:45, Wed 26 January 2011 »
HI guys, what do you think of this turbo? the link is below/  I am thinking of doing my GTT up to 220 bhp,
My specs are at the moment:

Fully Rejeted Carb,
Full 2.5" exhaust,
Large FMIC
STD cam
Uprated Pistons and Steel liners
Metal Headgaskets
Full Rebuild of the engine has been done.

Here is the Link for that turbo! ... 1171_9.htm


Renault 5 GT Turbo / Fueling!
« on: 10:58, Fri 21 January 2011 »
Hi everyone, i am having a problem on idle when i try reving the car it goes lean for a sec and then it gets normal, when i am taking off, i need to rev the car more so it will get normal..

On my AFR it is 13.5 on idle, then when i rev it a bit harder, it hits 20's for a sec and then it goes normal.. Feels like it gets like an empty spot.. Donno how to explain it..

It feels like its blocked for a second... Do u know what can it be ??


my Jets sizes are

Main 120
1.4 2nd stage,
0.9 air corrector
 2mm needle

General Chat / Clio 172
« on: 12:31, Wed 12 January 2011 »
Hi guys, i have been offered to get Clio Sport 172 its a good conditioned, and has only 130.000km...

What do u all think of this car ? in terms of reliability, performance etc...

Renault 5 GT Turbo / TD04
« on: 00:12, Thu 06 January 2011 »
Hi all, My friend has offered me to give me a very good conditioned TD04 from Subaru Impreza WRX 225bhp, because he just got a bigger one.

What do you guys think of this turbo? My specs are:

Std Cam,
Large FMIC
Uprated Fuel Pump
Rejjeted carb currently running 1.3 bars with T2
full 2.5" exhaust


General Chat / External Vs Internal WG
« on: 16:41, Tue 16 November 2010 »
Hi guys what is more suitable for running High boosts like 22psi?

External Wastegate or Internal ?


Renault 5 GT Turbo / Big Brake Conversion
« on: 10:52, Sat 13 November 2010 »
Hi, all i am planning to do a big brake conversion, Could you guys tell me which brakes are straight forward conversion?
My friend has 4pot Brembo calipers from Fiat Coupe 20V turbo, Could you tell me how difficult is to fit them on?

Thanks Guys!

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Fuel pressure regulator
« on: 18:21, Sat 09 October 2010 »
Hi everyone, i am fitting in my car a new tank polished with new uprated pump.
I would like to know if its possible to put some aftermarket fuel pressure regulator since i need to change my one. or i would have to fit the original???...

like this one: ... 1478wt_906

Thanks guys!

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Turbocharger
« on: 16:52, Sat 09 October 2010 »
Hi guys, i am still building my 87 GTT. I have changed few turbos but as they were second hand they didnt work well so i was giving them back.. I am currently driving a stock T2

Now I would like to get a turbocharger, brand new, i will need to know what would be the best..

I have just ordered Tubular manifold, and Piper285 with adjustable vernier pulley..

I am looking for a turbo that will be able to achive over 230bhp and that will be reliable..
Could you tell me what turbocharger should i be looking at...
what A/R's

Thanks !

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