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General Chat / Why antifreeze is important
« on: 18:57, Mon 11 January 2010 »
Because this happens-

Yes, that is a screwy hammered into the solid ice of the housing behind the water pump.

How did this come about? Well, someone who shall remain nameless didn't put any in his car. In this rather obtuse weather, it froze the coolant in the system.
Fine, no issue, it'll melt the ice in the block when the engine warms....but not in the Radiator.
Result- no flow around the rad, car overheats and blows 2 coolant hoses. Spews water everywhere.
Come to fix it a couple of days after it gets here, and I start it up. SCREEEEEEEECH. The water pump is frozen SOLID and the belt is slipping as the pulley won't move!
I had to get a gas torch out to defrost the water pump to run the engine in the end....then let the engine get warm enough to radiate heat on to the Rad to melt the ice in there. If it's not damaged anything else i'll be amazed.

So....33% antifreeze mix everyone!!!

Your cars / My babies...
« on: 21:53, Tue 05 January 2010 »
R21 Turbo Quadra- 230bhp est, well specced.

Fuego- 250bhp, 310lb/ft. 800kg.

The 9T looks like this, just a lot older and more battered.

Some past residents of Renault Coventry-

Phase 1 2wd 21 Turbo, taken at a mag feature. Lovely car, shouldn't have sold it.

Megane Coupé, 2.0 valver, with the Quadra.

Safrane- not a Bi-Turbo i'm afraid but a 2.2 Vi Exec....with a hugely cool talking dash computer

Extra Van. Epic little workhorse with 65 fire breathing horses.

1/4 scale Yankee 21 Europa with a 23cc Kawasaki engine. Immense fun.

Love this pic...

I left the rest, I'm sure you're not to fussed on a R19TD, Scenic DCi and a couple of scrappers lol

Newbies / Hi....
« on: 21:44, Mon 04 January 2010 »
....i'm Dave and i'm an addict.

I lurk around most of the time. Been pointed here by andybond as an alternative to RTOC, I used to be a Turbo Wizard over there a few years back but they stopped giving me free membership so I didn't bother any more lol.

I've had a few Renault's, over 70 or so by estimate. Specialise in R21 Turbo, 9Turbo and 11Turbo. Currenty stable a 1990 21Turbo Quadra, 1986 Ph1 9Turbo, 1982 Fuego Turbo hillclimber with 350bhp/tonne, and a few others too. My history includes 5GTT, Ph1 and 2 9 and 11 turbo's, 21turbo ph1,2 and 3 and Quadra, Fuego, get the idea.

Hope I can be of assistance, and thanks for the tip on the starter motor dowels- I never knew that!!!

Quadra with a remodelled fromt....

To fit this in....

I like to mess with things, you see.....

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