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Renault 5 GT Turbo / How to mount rear boot spoiler.
« on: 06:41, Sun 19 May 2013 »
Hi there,

the previous owner of my 5 had a nasty aftermarket boot spoiler mounted. Of course I have dismounted that spoiler, it did however leave a couple of bolt holes on the boot lid.

Now I have bought an OE phase 2 spoiler to fit instead. So, can I mount the spoiler without drilling more holes? I've got some industrial double sided tape, and am tinking about using that, if possible. Otherwise maybe some SikaFlex... I do prefer the tape, though.

Any recommendations?

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Clutch tool?
« on: 18:52, Sun 01 April 2012 »
Which tool do you use to center the clutch when reinstalling?


Renault 5 GT Turbo / New clutch, should I change anything else?
« on: 21:16, Fri 18 November 2011 »
Hi guys,

my clutch is dead, so I am going to replace it soon. As the gearbox is off the engine, is there anything else I should change as well? I have bought a K-Tec lightened flywheel, so that is going to be fitted. More ideas?
What about some gaskets etc.?

Thanks a lot guys!

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Which clutch should I buy?
« on: 16:11, Thu 11 August 2011 »

I am going to buy a new clutch. I want an uprated one this time.

But which one do you reccomend? There are lots of different clutches on the market and prices really differ as well.
I would say it has to fit an engine output of 150-180 bhp.

Cheers 8)

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Worn clutch?
« on: 14:23, Fri 15 July 2011 »
on my trip to the Nordschleife a few days ago, when I was overtaking a lorry, it felt like the clutch slipped.
It is fine in low revs, but when the boost went up and the turbo really pulled, the clutch slipped and the revs just went up and up, without the car accelerating. I don't know if it is the clutch, but I reckon it is as it has never been changed... As far as I know.
Further more the clutch pedal has become loose the first couple of cm. when pressing it. And the position of the pedal, when the clutch engages, has moved to the top of the pedal's trajectory.
Is it worn?
I hope some of you guys can answer me :wink:


Renault 5 GT Turbo / Is an oil pressure of 1.9 bar at idle ok?
« on: 15:56, Sat 04 June 2011 »
When I turn on the engine, oil pressure at idle is about 3 bar. For every minut there after, the pressure is gradually getting lower whenever the car idles. (At driving it is around 3.5 - 4 bar, which I reckon is fine.)  I know the oil gets thinner when warmed up, but is 1.9 bar too little pressure at idle?
btw, there is a small leak from the banjo bolt... And I am using an aftermarket Stack mechanical pressure gauge, so I am pretty sure it is accurate.

Thanks mates :wink:

General Chat / Who produced the cup wheels?
« on: 19:56, Thu 12 May 2011 »
I know that the standard road wheels are Speedlines, but who produced the steel cup wheels? I just bought a set of cup wheels, and cannot seem to find any name on them. There are only some numbers...
I hope some of you clever guys know the answer 8)

Renault 5 GT Turbo / 4th hose fitting on lobster?
« on: 14:20, Sun 01 May 2011 »
I have bought a used GT Tuning aluminium carb lobster. I currently use my OE carb top, and it has three vacuum hose fittings. Now, the GT Tuning lobster has four hose fittings on it. What is the fourth used for?
I am thinking of blocking it, but if it is for some use, I might keep it. Although my current setup only uses three vacuum hoses on the carb top.


Renault 5 GT Turbo / Oil catch tank, why?
« on: 17:06, Tue 08 February 2011 »

I cannot figure out, what one gains by installing an oil catch tank. Could someone please explain it to me?

cheers 8)

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Any difference on dump valves?
« on: 12:42, Thu 27 January 2011 »

just a quick question as I was browsing on the Forge site.

Are there any difference on their different dump valves? They have got many different valves to very different prices. Is a more expensive dump valve any better?


Media / Danish racing driver in his Skyline R34. 900 hp.
« on: 11:19, Sun 03 October 2010 »
Danish racing driver Nicolas Kiesa in his Skyline R34 900hp. It has a turbo from an excavator. It is fast - you can see the facts in the video.
From a Danish TV-show... Yes, he lives in the UK, hence the license plates.

Cheers :mrgreen:

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Dump valve vs. Compressor surge?
« on: 13:36, Tue 24 August 2010 »
Hi guys, I am torn between the two. I do not know whether to keep my dump valve or try driving without it. And then get compressor surge instead.

What are the pros and cons of the two?

Hope some of you have tried both, and knows which one is preferable....

Cheers lads :wink:

As above. What do they do? And do I need them??

Cheers :wink:

General Chat / Turbine dimensions needed.
« on: 17:16, Thu 17 June 2010 »
Hi guys,

do any of you know the exact dimensions of the Clio Turbine alloys?

I know they are 15" and I reckon the holes are 4*100?
What is the width and the offset/ET of the alloys?

Cheers :-)

General Chat / Which tires??
« on: 19:06, Fri 23 April 2010 »
Hey guys, I am about to buy some new summer tires. I cannot make up my mind! Michelin, Continental, Pirelli, Dunlop etc. Or what about some road legal semi slicks such as Yokohama A048 or Toyo R888. I really have no idea of what I want or need.
What are your experiences??

Cheers :wink:

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