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Renault 5 GT Turbo / wipers stopped working
« on: 16:08, Tue 07 June 2011 »
Right for some reason my wipers have packed up including the switch for the rear wiper. Got power in the fuse holder for it so im thinking relay if it has one ? and does the rear wiper work on the same loom as the fronts ?

Events/Shows/Cruises / USC Santa Pod 2010
« on: 00:55, Sat 01 May 2010 »
Is anyone going to USC this year maybe we could have our own camping and club area if we have over ten of us going, could be a good crack, and fun out on the strip in the 5' s

Spotted / Was It You? / 3 Renaults 5 GT Turbo's Spotted
« on: 13:38, Fri 30 April 2010 »
Seen 3 R5 GT Turbo's Out on my travels last week i saw Phase 1 looking R5 Metalic Blue with Black Bumpers looked nice just of the A303 on the way to the New Forest.

White F reg R5 on the M25 on Monday Reg F397 YES Completely standard with some old guy driving it and it was mint.

And a red R5 on the M3 which i see most days when driving home from work.

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Turbo Problems
« on: 15:15, Sun 21 February 2010 »
i fitted my new turbo last sunday brought online, and it was puffing out a bit of smoke, when first started.  i didn't think much of it at the time as i thought it may have been old oil that had been sitting in the exhurst from where the old turbo shit itself and done the oil seal, any way i have done less than 50 miles on it and today going shopping in crawley, i lost all oil pressure and clouds of smoke was pooring out of the exhurst and in the car, now my engine is or sounds like its knocking, and oil was just pooring out the exhurst not even burned.

can i claim aginst the company i brought it for damages ? and if i had to spin the turbo round to get it all to line up willthey use this against me to avoid exchangingthe unit ?

Your cars / My Renault 5 GT
« on: 13:12, Sat 20 February 2010 »
Not really done anything to it a part from fit the T28 still need to fit the alloy rad, and oil cooler, and have it set up again.

My t25 packed up the other week and started smoking, there was no play in the shaft but signs of oil leaking out the bottom of the turbo.  So i won a standard R5 T2 turbo on Ebay this week fitted it today and my oil pressure guage dosn't seem to work now.  So i just done oil and filter change and this hasn't mad a difference ether.

Also my R5 has been setup on the rolling road and everything has been uprated to run 19psi, but now with the standard T2 it tooks over at 1600rpm and its only boosting at 9psi as i havent changed adjusted the actuator yet.

My spec is fully rebuilt carb to run 25psi
staged two t25 turbo at the mo a t2 untill i get it repaired
rebuilt engine
alloy top hat
2.5 down pipe
ful s/s ex
full samco hoses
full rolling road setup
uprated fuel pump
uprated leads
alloy rad
oil cooler

Spotted / Was It You? / Tungy Grey GT Wide Arched In Gatwick
« on: 17:26, Sat 05 December 2009 »
Driving on the A23 through Gatwick well shocked when i saw it i have not seen one round my way in ages thats why i got mine.

Newbies / Hi to everyone
« on: 10:47, Fri 04 December 2009 »
I just brought myself another Renault 5GT after 8 years of selling my origanal phase 1 gt. Then i had a mk1 Uno Turbo and since then had many other cars, but last week i was looking at my pictures of my old cars, and decided to try and find another hot hatch at a good price, and stumbled across a R5 GT 1988 tung grey and thats the story so far.


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