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Spotted / Was It You? / red 5 in scarborough
« on: 13:53, Mon 05 April 2010 »
red e reg turbo silver williams wheels on castle rd scarborough easter sunday !!!!

Your cars / R5 GTT RAIDER !50 miles a day work bus!
« on: 19:30, Sat 27 March 2010 »

hi all ! bought my 5 last year not had any real problems yet ! just been for fresh paint and new wheels !!i use her for work most days wich is a 54 mile round trip and it uses less feul than my old golf gti and its loads faster !! (bonus). real pleased with her !  got it from buxton derbyshire ,just wondered if anyone knows the car or has owned it ???????????more pics to follow. thanks marc!

General Chat / upload
« on: 20:19, Fri 26 March 2010 »
can anyone tell me how to up load pics into your cars subject plz ???? im pressing img and paste but nothings happening !!! cheers marc

hi all can you can tell me if 4x100 7j 30 offset will fit on my raider?????  cheers marc!!

General Chat / turbo chatter ????
« on: 18:37, Mon 11 January 2010 »
can anyone tell me how to get my turbo to chatter ??? iv got a forge dump vale on at the mo but prefer the sound of the chatter like the wrc cars cheers marc!!

Spotted / Was It You? / green 5 gtt p2 scarborough
« on: 20:25, Tue 05 January 2010 »
had to rub my eyes dont see many 5s in scarborough !! nice car mate!! marc

Do it yourself / squeeky heater fan repair (cheap and easy)
« on: 17:11, Thu 31 December 2009 »
fixing my squeeky and anoying heater fan the easy and cheap way !! first of all use a small drill bit 3-6mm and drill about 10mm away from the main shaft(the plastic fan under the bonnet as you look at it) but drill in at an angle so when youve reached the other side its somewhere near the main shaft !! then simply spray wd40 down the hole and bingo job done peace and quiet !! hope this makes sense it does work i promise!!!!!!!!!!!!

Events/Shows/Cruises / north of england meet ???
« on: 20:12, Mon 28 December 2009 »
anybody intrested in a n/east meet at scarborough easter weekend ?????? make a nice change and plenty to do . could you reply with your intrest plz !! cheers marc!

General Chat / intercooler bhp limit
« on: 14:22, Tue 22 December 2009 »
hi all. can anyone tell me the safest limit of bhp on a standerd intercooler plz as im wanting around 160bhp but have been told i need a bigger better alloy one cheers marc

Renault 5 GT Turbo / noisy heater fan
« on: 21:47, Fri 11 December 2009 »
hi all ive got a sqeeky heater fan is this common??? ive got chance of another one for 15 kwid !! is it a big job to change it or can i stop mine from sqeeking easily thanx marc

General Chat / speaker size
« on: 17:47, Sat 05 December 2009 »
hi can anyone tell me what size speakers are in the standerd doors holes plz im looking to upgrade to some after market ones cheers marc!!!

General Chat / tyres???? where ???? how much ???? help!!!!!
« on: 21:26, Fri 04 December 2009 »
hi all :) can anyone help me with some tyre info plz ?? i seem to be struggling to get some 195 55 13 s ! can anyone piont me in the right direction and a rough cost price plz !! cheers marc :P

Newbies / first 5 ever !! mid life crises :->
« on: 22:13, Wed 02 December 2009 »
hi all!!!! im new just bought my first r5 gtt and its a raider on a g reg ! could anyone tell me how many  uk models were made and how many are left on the road ? its standard apart from clio wheels and engine mods !! i bought it sunday and today it went into the bodyshop for a complete resprey , im trying to get it to look as standard as possible and have the origanal wheels refurbd ! i realy need a standard parcel shelf and a good drivers seat if anyone can help???? im in scarborough n/yorks and would like to hear of anyone nearby with a 5 or any 5 meets in the north of england ??? cheers marc :)

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