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General Chat / wideband set up.
« on: 15:41, Tue 09 November 2010 »
just wondering if anybody is local to derbyshire willing to do wideband set ups?my car runs rich as hell.

allso just need somebody who knows what they are doing to just have a look at the engine,make sure all the vac hoses are correct etc

im willing to travell about 35 miles to get it done and im happy to pay cash.


General Chat / tungy grey paint code
« on: 23:31, Mon 19 July 2010 »
is it 608 or something like that?

my code has rubbed off when i had strut brace fitted.i can just make out 60 but cant see the rest of the numbers.


Renault 5 GT Turbo / wont start,verry faint spark
« on: 13:59, Thu 15 July 2010 »
anybody got any clue as to why my car wont start.

im getting fuel to the carb and have a spark but its not a good spark.looks week and i can only just see it.


General Chat / avo coilover rebuild kit
« on: 11:50, Thu 15 July 2010 »
anybody know where i could get a rebuild kit for some avo coilovers.
its the damper part i need to sort.could i rebuild without some sort of kit or can i buy a kit from somewhere.


General Chat / best fabric for covering door cards
« on: 18:27, Tue 13 July 2010 »
just wondering if anybody knows of any decent fabraic i could use to re cover my front door cards as they are a little tatty and my cars for sale so want to tidy a couple of things up

has anybody covered theres in any leather effect type stuff??i brought some of ebay a while ago to cover them but it wont stretch mush to do a good job.

anybody done anything like this and could give me a good idea of what to use and where to buy?

looking for some sort of black leather effect stuff to match the seats but need it to be stretchy to go round door handle bumps and stuff.

any info would be great.


General Chat / first click on turn of the key
« on: 15:59, Thu 08 July 2010 »
sounds daft but what light should i get on the dash with the first click on ignition.

i turn my key to first position and nothing,then tun to second and i get hand brake light,battary etc.

just wondering if i should get anything in the first position.

allso anybody know what colour wire at the back of the clocks is for the speedo to connect my alarm to


General Chat / bloody paypal
« on: 22:22, Wed 09 June 2010 »
been trying to log into my paypal account for the past wek now and cant get into it.

everytime i try to log in it says iv got the wronge password???

anybody had this problom??? i wouldnt mind but iv got over £250 in there.
pi**ing me off :twisted:  :twisted:

any ideas :(

General Chat / clifford concept 650 alarm wireing
« on: 12:37, Mon 31 May 2010 »
can anybody help me with an alarm wireing diogram for the clifford concept 650 alarm.its the mk1 model.

iv searched google high and low but cant find 1.


Renault 5 GT Turbo / no spark1!!!
« on: 19:15, Sat 15 May 2010 »
can anybody help???

General Chat / stander head thickness
« on: 15:58, Fri 07 May 2010 »
does anybody know the standerd thickness of the head when new and how low they have to be before they are scrap.


General Chat / anybody know what this says
« on: 16:17, Sun 02 May 2010 »
Boas tardes
Manda-me fotos e preços, das peças tens.
Dão para renault gt turbo

Um abraço

General Chat / fitting afr guage
« on: 21:36, Tue 13 April 2010 »
anybody know how i do this?


General Chat / budget 200+ bhp engine
« on: 21:04, Sun 11 April 2010 »
i am thinking of rebuilding my engine but unsure of what to put in it to get around 200+ bhp out of it on a budget.

can anybody give me any pointers on what ill need to get these sort of fugures on the,turbo,pistons,head work,carb work etc.

i am starting of with a total bog standerd engine that i picked up cheap.


General Chat / wastegate chatter
« on: 19:47, Sat 03 April 2010 »
anybody know how i get chatter instead of using a dump valve.


Your cars / my tungy 5 with some pics
« on: 09:59, Tue 30 March 2010 »

joined the site around 4 month ago when a brought my 5.must say its been verry helpfull so far with regards to to finding parts and technical probloms.

heres a little about my car.

1991 tungston grey.

standerd exterier apart from clear front indecaters and a set of borbot alloys(all this will be changed for the origonal parts when i get hold of some extra cash)


gt tuning stage 3 gsflowed head and inlet manifold.
copper head gasket
piper cam and uprated springs
group a carb
gt tuning carb top
t28 turbo
k tec actuater
high output alternater and starter moter
10 row external oil cooler
piper air filter
4" scorpion exhaust
full yellow hose kit
chrome rocker cover
alloy oil catch tank


full black leather seats
double guage a piller pod with boost and oil presure guages
sparco steering wheel with boss
gt tuning in car boost
hks turbo timer
hks afr
pioneer dvd unit with sat nav
sony md player with 10 disc changer
sony speakers in rear door cards
boot build with 2 15" subs and couple of amps.

my plans for the car are to change the wheels for the standerd alloys or a set of deep dish and change the front indecaters bk to origonal.

find a chrome roll cage cheep

full service

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