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Renault 5 GT Turbo / Too cool?
« on: 22:15, Mon 24 January 2011 »
I am thinking that my wee clio is running too cool, it has an alloy rad  and also a seperate oil cooler
with a thermostat.

 It seems to only go to half way on the gauge and when I drive it hard it gets cooler.
has anyone else experienced this when using a similar setup?

I am a bit concerned as running a car cool can be just as bad as to  hot.

Renault 5 GT Turbo / cracked turbo housing
« on: 18:01, Fri 14 January 2011 »
Evening guys  :D

my clio turbo developed a smoking habit the other day, the turbo is very old but still performed well.
I decided to rebuild it, anyway I have removed the turbo and discovered the turbo exhaust housing is cracked badly where the waste gate flapper sits. I think it needs a new housing, has anyone seen this before?
also can anybody supply me with a replacement?
cheers Jonny.

Renault 5 GT Turbo / clio gt turbo
« on: 15:14, Tue 31 August 2010 »
Got a problem with my clio gt turbo, when accelerating if I floor the throttle the car seems to be suffering from fuel starvation, if I back off the throttle then let the speed of the engine build up then it goes past the hesitation and continues to rev higher, sometimes the fault does not occur and the engine goes well. also if I give it some choke the problem seems to go away, The carb has had a rebuild kit, and the jets are standard, standard boost. the fuel pump is from the clio 1.2 but I dont think thats the problem as its designed for fuel injection so should be ok for a gt turbo. any help would be great  :D

Renault 5 GT Turbo / GTT Fuel pressure regulator
« on: 16:37, Fri 20 November 2009 »
i am in the process of connecting the fuel pressure regulator on my clio gtt
top pipe on regulator- carb inlet
bottom pipe- fuel feed from pump
small pipe on regulator- carb feed
other one- fuel return to tank

is this correct?
thanks in advance  :D

Newbies / hi i am new
« on: 17:16, Sat 14 November 2009 »
hi, i am new here

i had a 5 gt turbo 10 years ago F222SSG and it was brilliant  8)
unfortunately, the car did not make it......but the engine did.

anyway, last week i bought a 36000 mile k reg clio and i have fitted the engine from my old gt turbo.

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