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Renault 5 GT Turbo / starter woes
« on: 13:04, Sat 06 August 2011 »
over the last week when going to start the 5, it turned over very slowly before turning normal and firing. This morning  when I turned the ignition all I got was a buzzing noise from the starter and the rev needle was jumping about, I tried again, and nothing happened this time (no noise or turning)

I dont have a multimeter so I have removed the starter and hooked it up to a spare battery - and nothing happens.

Any suggestions on repairing it, are the bushes easily replaced?

Renault 5 GT Turbo / whats this?
« on: 16:29, Wed 20 July 2011 »
can someone tell me what this is please?

am clearing out the garage and this was in the box, dont have the car here to check either

Renault 5 GT Turbo / carb bowl still emptying
« on: 14:21, Sat 16 July 2011 »
Last night I drilled out the needle jet to 2mm. Went for a little run, and although a little better, the carb bowl was still emptying :cry:

so I  took apart a spare carb and did it again, this time drilling a bit further than before. Again it was better, but still emptying when on a long pull, 1st through to 5th. It happens about 5.5-6k rpm in 3rd, and again in 4th about 5k and 5th at 4-4.5k.

I have (apparently) an uprated/phase1 fuel pump bought from CGB last year. So where do I go from here? FPR?

is there a way to tell if the FPR is operating as it should or do I just need to buy a new one?

Renault 5 GT Turbo / steering colum bushes
« on: 20:07, Mon 04 July 2011 »
it seems my steering column bushes have gone, and now I have excessive left/right/up/down play in the steering wheel. I have been away on holiday the last 2 and have had no time to get it sorted, when returning last night I discovered that our transport to T in the park is a no-go! :(

an option is to use the 5, but its a 260 mile round trip and have no idea how safe or unsafe it would be.

I have not used the 5 since the play started so would it be ok to use it?  how serious is the knackared colum bushes??

Renault 5 GT Turbo / oil pressure kit - where???
« on: 12:00, Sun 15 May 2011 »
can someone tell me where I connect this to? it is on the other end of oil pressure gauge piping.
I know its prob best to go before the turbo but Can I connect it straight on somewhere or do I need an adaptor?

Renault 5 GT Turbo / piper 285 - valve clearances
« on: 20:47, Wed 27 April 2011 »
Alright guys,
I know this has been covered many a time previosly, but when looking through old posts I am still unable to come to a clear decision
Currently I have had it set to 0.25 inlet & exhaust but this is very noisy
I have seen ppl say they use standard clearance, or use piper website for reference or use standard but add on a 0.05. So what do you all set it to and which is best (quietest)?

Renault 5 GT Turbo / carb - accelerator pump jet thingie
« on: 14:16, Fri 22 April 2011 »
ok so im trying to resolve my idling issues. I have the carb off and I just want to double check, I remember reading in previous posts somewhere that the accelerator flap bit inside the carb base should be set using a 5mm drill bit. Now I want to know whether the 5mm means that the flap is sitting at 5mm when not accelerating, or is it when accelerator is open full that the flap opens to 5mm?


Renault 5 GT Turbo / front calipers
« on: 20:27, Mon 28 March 2011 »
can anyone confirm whether or not front calipers for pug 106 gti, saxo vtr/vts will fit straight onto the 5?

Renault 5 GT Turbo / bleeding brakes
« on: 11:11, Mon 21 March 2011 »
Ok so yesterday I bled the rear brakes, fluid was flowing fine from passenger side but was very slow and was only trickling through on driver side. I thought that this could be due to new copper pipes being fitted.
So do I have to push the bias valve? towards front of car when applying pressure?


coming from the gearbox (passenger side) next to driveshaft.

Renault 5 GT Turbo / new battery....turns over......then nothing!!!
« on: 13:22, Wed 15 December 2010 »
alright guys, I treated the 5 to a new battery yesterday. the engine turned over for a few minutes( not starting) but then it failed to turn over at all. I thought it could have been a jammed starter motor but I have noticed that the battery light and choke light on the dash are not visible anymore once the key has been turned. all other electrics lights, windows work normally. Any suggestions?
 I was wondering if there is a relay for the starter motor, or do I go hunting for dodgy/rusted earths?

thanks in advance

Renault 5 GT Turbo / major steamage!
« on: 20:26, Sun 14 November 2010 »
rite I have a big water leak from the inlet manifold so im unsure if I have conected the water pump to an air hose or something. its a little awkward to explain so... As you look into the bay, its leeking from the right hand (passenger) side of the inlet manifold which looks like it should have a plug on it as you can get your finger in and feel the tubing inside - about a 50p size, the left side of the inlet manifold has a similar circular bit but there seems to be a plug on that, so is it possible to get another plug from somewhere or should there be no water going into the inlet manifold?


General Chat / how much oil?
« on: 13:43, Wed 10 November 2010 »
alright guys, I will be putting my engine back together over the weekend and was wondering how much gearbox oil I will require? it 2 litres?


General Chat / what else?
« on: 20:28, Wed 27 October 2010 »
alright guys, I will be putting a cam in the 5 next week. I have a piper 285, vernier pulley and piper valve springs, will be ordering an uprated H/G set + headbolts tomorrow, so what else will I need? Gutted the engine is gonna be out again, as we think we will need to change the gearbox............. (only changed a month or so ago :evil: )!!


Renault 5 GT Turbo / Hesitation/ misfire
« on: 17:38, Mon 20 September 2010 »
Ok, so had the 5 out for a bit today. While i was boosting in 2nd, it felt like one of the ht leads suddenly came off. I had a look and the leads were fine and all connected ok. When idleing it pops from the exhaust, and when driving it makes a really loud rumble, like a missfire and really hesitates on acceleration and has no power. Any ideas? Possible sooted up plugs?

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