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Test area / test
« on: 01:20, Fri 09 November 2012 »

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Front scuttle/under windscreen section.
« on: 18:59, Tue 06 November 2012 »
Are there new panels available for under the windscreen? I've just popped my windscreen out to repair a leak and I was thinking it might be easier to just cut the lot out.

My google skills are lacking, I can't seem to find any.

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Windscreen removal/refit.
« on: 15:25, Sat 03 November 2012 »
Has anyone got any pointers for removing and refitting the windscreen.

I've got a serious leak along the bottom of the windscreen, the bodywork and seal have pretty much rotted into mush so I can't really see which part is which?

Taking the windscreen out is probably the easiest part, I'll then cut and replace any rotton bodywork.

Which replacement parts will I need, is there one seal or two?

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Starter Motor Issues.
« on: 18:23, Wed 01 August 2012 »
I fitted another starter motor to my car as the old one refused to turn over once it was warm.

I knew previously about the locating dowel, and I am sure I removed the dowel and fitted it into the same location on the replacement starter motor.

The replacement starter motor looked identical also.

However, it's grinding and I have noticed some wear on the teeth of the flywheel so I have decided not to crank the car over now until I have had another look.

I did notice that when fitting the new starter motor it was a little 'tight' pulling it up onto the gearbox casing where as the the old starter motor could be slipped up onto the casing by hand?

Could someone please post a picture/diagram. I found an old thread but  the link was removed.

Thank You.

General Chat / Classic Car Insurance.
« on: 13:12, Thu 15 March 2012 »
I know a few people on here use classic car insurance policy.

Last year my policy was/is with Sureterm. The renewal has landed on my doorstep and it's shot up from just under 100 to just over 400?

A quick search online at other insurance providers seems to show a similar result.

Anyone else s classic car policy heading skyward?

General Chat / Forum Problem?
« on: 19:28, Wed 22 February 2012 »
Is it just me or is the font size on the forum crazy large?  :shock:

General Chat / Supermarket Petrol.
« on: 19:13, Mon 06 February 2012 »
I'm sure everyone, or nearly everyone has heard the rumours before. Maybe from a friend or a friend of a friend who works at a garage etc.

Is there any truth in the rumour that supermarket fuel is of a lesser quality then that of a normal petrol station.

I've heard people say many things. From the petrol making his car missfire to someone going as far to say his tank was filled with nothing more then water.

The latest one i heard was that supermarket fuel made her cars fuel level gauge read empty?

I've used supermarket fuel a lot over the years and i don't seem to be having any problems, and i'm assuming these guys still need to pass some kind of regulations etc?

What are other peoples views?

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Actuator Pipework /"Cup mod"
« on: 23:44, Tue 24 January 2012 »
In the not so distant future i'm ripping all the vacumn piping out from under the bonnet. It's all mismatched and some of it looks a little worn, so i thought i might as well replace the lot and be done with it.

My question is, i have seen two different ways to plumb in the actuator.

1. Loop the 2 carb elbow ports together, connect actuator to the side of the carb.
2. Loop rear carb elbow port to the side of the carb, connect actuator to the front carb elbow port.

Which setup is better, if there is even any difference?

General Chat / Battlefield 3.
« on: 23:20, Tue 18 October 2011 »
Battlefield 3.

Anyone on here a fan of FPS? Seen a few adverts on the T.V now, looks really impressive. Been reading it needs some serious hardware to play though (PC gamers).


General Chat / R.I.P Steve Jobs.
« on: 07:50, Thu 06 October 2011 »
I had this on my Twiiter feed this morning.

Bad times. There was specualation about his ill health for quite some time, he stepped down from CEO not so long ago maybe he was no longer stong enough to carry on with his work?

General Chat / GT Turbo Production Timespan.
« on: 18:58, Tue 04 October 2011 »
Can someone please confirm the year the GT Turbo was first made, and the year the last one rolled off the line.

From Ph1 onwards. My neighbour can make vinyl stickers and i have an idea i want to put forward to him.

Thank You.

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Missfire under load?
« on: 23:13, Mon 15 August 2011 »
My car is running like a pile of s**t just lately.

Car is running 22PSI, fuelling is correct via AFR.

It will boost fine in 1st and 2nd gear, but in 3rd it will hold back, probably backfire and just constantly missfire. It also does the same in 4th and 5th. Seems to happen when i reach roughly 15PSI?

Lots of smoke out the back, very black and sometimes it almost looks brown? Engine itself seems ok, fluid levels etc all seem ok.

Car has new leads, cap + arm and sparkplugs.  :(

General Chat / Nitro R/C.
« on: 08:14, Fri 27 May 2011 »
I had a play with my brother in laws Nitro R/C the other week and now i'm hooked.

I think this would be a good little hobby, i could take the little'un with me over the chase and spend the mornings playing with these things.

Anyone on here have one? This is all new to me, i was thinking of this one?

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Wiper Blades.
« on: 19:19, Sun 01 May 2011 »
Surely this is a simple task that anyone can manage, changing wiper blades.

It appears though that the blades I chose need arms with a hook fiment, where as mine are completely flat at the end?

Should they be flat? There are no 'little bits' with the new wipers that look like they could fit my arms?

I might of spent to much time in the sun, i have thrown them in the boot in a rage and given up. I might just duck tape them on and leave it at that.

Hope it doesn't rain tomorrow.

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Remove 'badboy' look?
« on: 15:58, Tue 12 April 2011 »
Because of the damage caused by welding my bonnet hinge back on i'm considering removed the 'badboy' extensions. They catch slightly on the headlights and the filler eventually cracks over time and i think there a bit 90's now.

I'm hoping it can be easily put back to standard.

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