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Hi guys,
one question about the gear box m59 from volvo 850R
and what this means ?? "Highly sought after M59 gearbox with viscous coupling (LSD?)"

Is it with lsd or with something else ??


General Chat / Hello every one how much it cost to ensure scooter 50cc
« on: 17:17, Wed 15 December 2010 »
Hello guys is any body know how much it cost to ensure scooter 50cc and to make the TAX and MOT
I'm 21 years old
Thanks a lot :)

General Chat / HAHA HappyBirthday to Me :D
« on: 00:37, Thu 14 October 2010 »
hi All just so happy for my BirthDay :)

General Chat / Any one near Manchester with R5
« on: 23:00, Mon 04 October 2010 »
Hello All is anybody have r5 around manchester :)

Your cars / Renault 5 GT From 1.4T To B18FT
« on: 22:46, Wed 16 December 2009 »
Hello this is the story of my renault 5 gt turbo.I'm from bulgaria.And i'm 20 years old ;) .In the begining i bought the car on this situation.After hard work i done this on the second part of the pictures.The engin was partly rebilt.But i have two times problem with the engine.And the car over heat very easy.The engin was 1.4 turbo phase 1 115 bhp.I get decision to make swap from 1.4 turbo to 1.7 turbo from volvo 480.The main idea for this car is in the begining for every day car and also for racing on tracks.And after that i will try to make my renault to be 4x4.If some body knows from which car i can take the 4x4 transmision case.I'm sorry my English it's not very good.

cheers ;) ... ria.454254 I'm sorry but i can't put the pictures here

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