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General Chat / RS Raider
« on: 21:56, Mon 03 October 2011 »
Yep , you read it right.

Renault are launching an Arse Raider. Sorry RS Raider.

You cannot make this stuff up.

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Starter not starting.
« on: 19:25, Tue 23 August 2011 »
Everything electrical is good , but my starter isnt starting.

Ignition lights are coming on , but literally nothing after that.

Just been out for a tweak and the yellow wire coming from the block of doom ( passenger side block behind the light ) has a plastic spade on it , but not going anywhere. I can only assume its the excitor wire that goes into the starter.

Question is I cant see where.

Anyone know ?

I do !

Its onthe smaller of the two parts , towards the bulkead. Sticking out at an akward angled !

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Reusing a head gasket..
« on: 21:18, Tue 02 August 2011 »
Whats the percieved wisdom of reusing a head gasket ?

Renault 5 GT Turbo / IceCream in expansion vessel.
« on: 19:25, Sun 10 July 2011 »
I put in a new engine about 2 months ago.

It had a failed headgasket and was rebuilt ( admittedly not by me )

I ran the engine gently , and noticed a small amount of "goo" in the expansion tank.

i cleaned the expansion tank out - but the "goo" returned.

The car does not have any signs of HGF - no missing , idle issues , use of water or smoke. No overheating either.

Could it be crap left in the engine from when the HG went bang last time ?

If so - what's the best way to flush it all out ?

General Chat / Badges
« on: 10:17, Fri 01 July 2011 »
Hi folks ,

Any chance anyone can take some close up high res pics of the

RENAULT 5 GT TURBO badge at the back of their car ?

Also want one of the emblem on the front grille if possible.



Renault 5 GT Turbo / Cam you identify ..
« on: 22:01, Fri 24 June 2011 »
Can anyone ID this cam ?

I think it is a 270 degree one , but no stamp at end of cam that I can see..

Uploaded with

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Misfire
« on: 11:37, Mon 30 May 2011 »
Hi folks.

I have a really bad misfire on the new engine in my car. In a nutshell it idles corrects , gentle boost gives me a smooth acceleration. Foot to the boards means pops bangs and farts at 3500 +  rpm.

I think its down to the dizzy timing. I have a new set of HTs on the way , new plugs are in and gapped to .6mm

I dont understand what I need to do to the dizzy. From crawling the RTOC I have come the guesstimate that I am a tooth out on the timing.

Scoff posted on a thread remove the locking nut , get the car to a 2k idle and twist the cap until it sounds perfect.

Is there another way of doing this ? I read also about getting number 1 to TDC ( nearest the fly ) and the dizzy rotor should be pointing to number 1.

How do I know its at TDC ? Look thru the bellhousing the the TDC sensor and see if it lines up ?

So many questions so little time !  :D

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Water pump to matrix protection
« on: 23:16, Sat 21 May 2011 »
Evening gents.

For the second time my water pump to matrix pipe has had an interface issue with the pulley belt.

What can I do to protect it ? Getting annoyed at replacing it now.

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Smoke + Missing..
« on: 22:31, Wed 11 May 2011 »
Hi folks.

Got a freshly built engine in and a spanking new turbo on.

My last engine shat its biscuits and took out my turbo. It also deposited the oil out of the sidey.

I have fitted the new engine and turbo. Put new ( clean ) boost pipes , breathers etc on the car. I have a rock solid idle. The engine pulls cleanly until boost picks up. I get around 10psi ( I have set the actuator to boost nice n low ) and I get a slight missfire , then it cleans its throat and goes again. The missing is getting better as I run the car.

However I get  light blue haze coming out of the sidey. Is this likely to be excess oil burning out of the exhaust? Why dont I get it on idle ?

Whats the best plan of action ? Italian style tune up ? Or gently gently new engine ...

General Chat / My new venture
« on: 21:06, Sat 16 April 2011 »
Hi folks. On Monday I will be handing in my notice and in one month be starting to work for myself full time.

This is a slight pressure increase ( read lots ) To earn pennies.

I am working in the support, installation and it training areas covering the Uk.

If you know anyone , or yourself are looking for any training , installatins support or training give me a shout.

My company is



Renault 5 GT Turbo / Oil Smoke.
« on: 16:53, Thu 31 March 2011 »
Redone everything on the car. It starts and runs fine.

The old engine shat its biscuits and spat oil everywhere. I have changed the block , inc water pump and cleaned up all breathers and boost hoses the best I can.

Starting it up it takes a while but there is a huge ploom of oil smoke coming out the sidey.

I have also noticed a small splattering of fresh clean oil on the floor near the sidey.

Has the knackered engine done in my turbo , or is it old crap burning out ?
I let it run for around 3 minutes before I couldnt see anything ..

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Earth points
« on: 19:22, Sun 27 March 2011 »
Evening all.

Where do the earths reside that come from the offside bulkhead to ..

I took them off on my engine extraction but like a twit forgot to note down their location...

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Help needed - Doncaster
« on: 17:25, Sat 26 March 2011 »
Cross posted this on RTOC

Help needed - Doncaster

Hi folks ,

Not even a paid up bod , but I am on the scrounge !

My engine went bang a few weeks back , I have bought another engine , and taken it out , swapped over the sump and got this engine back in.

Now I am a litte out of me depth at getting the box and block to realign / mount / work !

Any chance any of you south yorkshire 5 GTT know it alls could bail me out of the whatsit pop along and erm , do it for me ?

Ill make sure you are provided with your own body weight in bacon sandwiches ..

Tonight - tomorrow - tomorrow night

I got tax due and mot . So the timing isnt great.

I am based in Doncaster.
No doubt I have impinged on one / some / all the RTOC freeloads rights and privlege so mods - do what you need to.

I run the - so I am not a 100% freeloader !

With thanks


Renault 5 GT Turbo / Box + Block coming apart.
« on: 09:21, Mon 14 March 2011 »
Hi folks.
My old engine was spazzed , so I am in the process of removing it but leaving the gearbox in situ.

I have removed what I percieve to be all bolts and studs ( inc flywheel cover ) but I cant get the two apart. I can see light between the two but cant seem to price apart.

Any tips ?

I have taken all the bolts out and put them in the new block so I cant work out what is stopping it ...

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