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Renault 5 GT Turbo / poor starting
« on: 19:14, Sat 17 April 2010 »
my car has no trouble starting from cold with the choke and no problem starting hot if its only been off 5 minutes but if i leave it off for say 15 minutes its having trouble startin, maybe turns over for 20 seconds before she'll fire, any ideas? could it be fuel related as i'd fiddled a bit with my carb mixture screw and idle screw?

General Chat / identifying hose
« on: 20:28, Mon 12 April 2010 »
can someone tell me what the hose from long boost hose tee piece to a small tubular thing with another hose to the anti perc fan is? cheers

General Chat / gauge into heater outlet
« on: 20:29, Wed 07 April 2010 »
ive seen people putting their boost gauges etc in to the centre heater fan outlets, how do you get your wires or vacuum pipe up in there? i fed my vacuum pipe in through the grommet to the right of the fan in scuttle panel and it popped out in the passenger footwell, where do i go from there? thanks

General Chat / front bumper hangs low
« on: 20:18, Wed 07 April 2010 »
my front bumper had a meeting with e kerb by the previous owner and hangs down a bit all round, im getting the bumper repaired and sprayed soon, will i need new brackets too or is the a way of adjusting the bumpers height like that? thanks in advance

Renault 5 GT Turbo / boost gauge tee position
« on: 19:48, Wed 07 April 2010 »
i plumbed in an aftermarket boost gauge today and cut the T in behind the scuttle panel pretty much right after the AEI unit, is this ok position or would closer to the carb have been better? anyways gauge read about 11 psi, similar to standard gauge but when i upped the boost by bleed valve the aftermarket gauge is readin pretty much the same but the standard one is up to the closer together lines (13.5 psi i think) any ideas? its a brand new gauge. and is 25 vacuum sound about right? cheers

General Chat / 205 gti mi16
« on: 22:35, Mon 05 April 2010 »
alright lads anyone got previous experience in tuned 205's? lookin to buy one here just wondering on its reliability mainly,its got mi16 engine fitted by just gti's, got a stand alone emerald engine management with high lift cams, supposidly 200bhp and 0 to 60 in just over 4 seconds weighing 700 kg. anyone help me out here?

Your cars / photos finally
« on: 15:48, Fri 12 March 2010 »
well ive been on here since october or so and havent posted any pictures yet due to my poor computing skills (and not having the car for a few months there). she's an early 1990 and fairly standard. the only mods are a full exhaust system(not sure on the make) hybrid turbo, bleedvalve, dump valve, big k & n and a blue rocker cover. then a few clear lenses on the outside. since owning it ive had a full top end gasket set including uprated head gasket, plugs, leads, fuel filter, dizzy cap and rotor arm.

Now i need a wee bit of welding round inner rear arches, front bumper sprayed and new brackets and a small bit of bubbling rust under the windscreen sorted out and ill be happy with that.

ps........ does anyone know this  car? i think it only came to n. ireland 2 years ago.

i should really have cleaned her for the pics!


the dreaded rust

Renault 5 GT Turbo / help with rust
« on: 15:17, Fri 12 March 2010 »
went on the hunt for rust as the car is pretty solid underneath and on the body, removed the two access hatches in the boot to find this nice suprise.......... hopefully ive worked out how to add pics properly.......... has anyone had rust here and have a knowledge of the price it would cost to fix?  i doubt the mot man will miss it when that comes around.

General Chat / cgb dump valve
« on: 00:47, Fri 12 March 2010 »
has anyone used or heard reviews on cgb's dump valve for 30 quid, i want to replace my gt tuning recirculating one for a cheap vent to atmosphere dv. im only running low boost. any opinions anyone?

Non Renault topics / escort van drinking derv
« on: 16:44, Thu 25 February 2010 »
doubt ill get a reply but my work van has gone from 45 mpg to just over 30 mpg, any idears? she's 1800 non turbo, could it be injectors or timing out a tooth? my understandings of a diesel is the same as my understandings of a woman!!!กกก anyway she's a 2001 with 59k miles. had timing belt service done 4k ago. cheers guys

Renault 5 GT Turbo / rebuild or conversion?
« on: 20:05, Tue 02 February 2010 »
alright folks, just wondering does anyone know from experience or watever which would be cheaper, engine rebuild on the standard gt turbo engine, or buying and converting to a 172 clio engine?? orerall price. would the 172 still be more reliable than a rebuild even if it had say 70k miles? just toying with the idea, cheers

General Chat / replica cars
« on: 00:59, Sat 23 January 2010 »
why is the topic in for sale locked for these cars? i dont think thats a replica of ash lees as the wheels are different the bonnet is different as is the use of a rtoc sunstrip. it just happens to be red and have the same reg and a similar fmic.

Renault 5 GT Turbo / boost gauge
« on: 02:28, Fri 18 December 2009 »
can someone tell me where the stadard boost gauge reads the boost from? and is the page on maintaining a gtt accurate on its boost readings? i think ill fit an after market gauge when shes back from head gasket change. cheers

General Chat / wheel fitment
« on: 18:08, Wed 25 November 2009 »
due to a lack of funds my ronals aint happenin now, lookin 2nd hand rims, can anyone tell me what other car makes wheels will fit on the r5 so ican widen my search.. cheers

Renault 5 GT Turbo / which jets?
« on: 00:40, Thu 19 November 2009 »
ive searched different threads on re jetting the carb, when i get the motor back with the new head gasket i want to run 15 or 16 psi on the hybrid turbo, will i need to re jet it? and what size of jets? ive read different views on this, some saying standard jets are fine. cheers fellas

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