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Renault 5 GT Turbo / omex rev limiter and launch control
« on: 23:15, Mon 07 November 2011 »

has anybody installed it on his GTT?

are there any cons?

how to connect this to the coil?

i'd like to hear some of your experiences...


Renault 5 GT Turbo / idle control valve
« on: 14:46, Tue 30 August 2011 »
hello, i need help...

i want to know how to connect correctly the idle valve...

on this picture you can see how it's connected on my gtt

here it's shown how it's connected on a stock gtt (maybe ph1)

why it's different? what's the correct way to connect the valve? i'd also like to know if there's any difference between phase1 and 2...and if this valve is REALLY that important for the engine, cause i've seen so many gtts run without it...

and a bonus question :D the anti perc fan, is it also REALLY needed to be there?

thanks for your answers...

Renault 5 GT Turbo / I need an answer ASAP
« on: 12:33, Wed 06 July 2011 »
can anyone tell me how much mm is the stock head gasket thick (ph.2)
I need the correct answer ASAP


Renault 5 GT Turbo / head gaskets: corteco or k-tec?
« on: 13:14, Tue 10 May 2011 »
i need some advice...i must change my gasket, and i don't know which one to buy...

this one: ... prod_id=98

or this one: ... 0&appid=16

what are the pros and the cons of each one?

i've heard that the k-tec one is better and resists almost everything...but i plan to buy also other items at gtt-spares-uk (i've got a cart approx. 200 pounds ready to order) and it would not be practical to order only the gasket from k-tec, because of the high shipping costs and my country's VAT...

so, keeping all that in mind, what do you suggest me?

thanks a lot!!!

Media / rendered GTT
« on: 01:53, Sat 16 April 2011 »

Renault 5 GT Turbo / pulling out the ignition barrel
« on: 13:30, Thu 09 December 2010 »
I have a problem, I can't pull put the ignition barrel, I've unscrewed the only screw that holds it and I think that I have to pull out this flat head screw (or whatever it is) but I don't know the way to do it...any suggestions?

Media / new iphone 5
« on: 00:24, Mon 06 December 2010 »


General Chat / PHOTOSHOP: Wind Gordini
« on: 02:51, Fri 15 October 2010 »
here is my 1st photoshopped car...hope you like it!



General Chat / free rapidshare accounts
« on: 21:54, Sun 14 March 2010 »

here, if you're interested, click this and have the opportunity to collect clicks which can be excanged to free premium accounts...a friend of mine has collected 150 clicks and recieved in his mailbox a username and pass for 1 year free account...

Renault 5 GT Turbo / GTT front wheel bearing
« on: 22:26, Sat 06 February 2010 »
need to know if the gtt bearings are the same as the bearings that are made for other 5s...
thanks for answers...going to change them soon, so need to know which bearings i need...

Your cars / My black '89 GTT
« on: 18:40, Fri 16 October 2009 »
ok, here are some pics of my GTT, i bought it 2yrs ago, it had 15" rims mille miglia, it was pretty unstable and i put some 13" cup rims. i painted them in white and put 195 55 13 tyres, semperit sportilife. the tires are surprisingly good, even on rain...

the bodywork is stock, with clean look (debadged) and new paintjob (2yrs ago) - not so good :(

i had that stupid 2-deck rear wing, i found one smaller spoiler and put it on the car, today i've put some renault sport custom decals and GT turbo decals.

the car has 143000 kms (88500 mi) and it runs well. it does around 15-15,1 over 1/4 mile. me and some friends are often on the Grobnik airport near the Grobnik race track, a 1,8 km (1+ mi) straight where we compete on 1/4 mile and more...illegally :) by night...

the only things not stock on my engine are the wastegate boost regulator from an essie RST and the boost pressure (0,9 bar - 13 psi).

inside i have pioneer HU 2100UB, pioneer TS-G 1749, pioneer 1001i, pioneer 306C sub and magnat classic 360 amp.

the steering wheel is from a clio 16V, with the center cover from my older steering wheel, gear knob is stock, seats are stock, the driver's one isn't in mint condition, others are good, rear shelf over the trunk is custom made, plastics in the interior (on door panels, rear view mirrors) are black painted, door panels are new.

the front bumper has had some cracks and the left corner of the lip is missing, i'm going to repair it soon.

here are some pics:


btw. the "PETARDA" sign in the trunk means:

Croatian: petarda
English:  banger, cracker, detonator, torpedo

and "PET" means FIVE (5) in croatian :)

PETARDA is commonly used to identify the GTT in Croatia

so, i think you've got it :)

feel free to comment anything you want

regards, Luka

Newbies / Hello to everyone
« on: 14:34, Sun 11 October 2009 »
Hi, my name is Luka, I'm 24 and from Croatia.

I have a black '89 GTT, fully stock with clean look (debadged).

It has turned 143000kms this friday.

Hope to have a good time here and learn new things about our little devil :)

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