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General Chat / scrappage scheme rules and regs
« on: 10:54, Sun 22 November 2009 »

Your cars / 2000 Citroen Saxo VTSupercharged
« on: 18:20, Sat 24 October 2009 »
Spotted a few non renault projects on here and thought i would show you my saxo vts supercharged project.

started off like this in september last year

and now its like this

Loom Before

Loom finished

For the bin!!!

with charger on for show

head painted with carbon oil cap and liquid yellow rockers

Newbies / Newbie from Northern Ireland
« on: 20:06, Thu 08 October 2009 »
Well im john from northern ireland, but working in south france on the airbus a380. i used to have an r5 years ago and vowed never to get one again lol

but my love for them never went away and i just picked up this 5 gt turbo raider from a guy on here/and from my local forum......with 57,000 miles.

OLLIe off the site (and local to me) had his heart set on a well specced white r5 gtt and decided to sell the raider


even though i had a red r5 gtt when i was younger (which broke my heart and vowed never to get another one), he knew from the day he bought it, i loved the car and hinted many of times that if it was for sale i would buy ii swooped in with an offer he couldnt refuse and ended up buying the car

since his thread (link above)/since i got the car, me and my mate spent 2 or so hours stripping it of its sunroof. door cards, interior trims, rear screen quarter windows and few engine bits and bobs...

pics wise theres not much difference, but i have ordered an oem phase2 grille from cgb motorsport and i have been in contact with mike @, getting a shortlist of oem bits and bobs. Im just trying to get the ball rolling as fast as possible......BUT I DO ALSO HAVE TO ATTEND TO MY ONE AND HALF YEAR 2000 SAXO VTS SUPERCHARGED PROJECT, so it will take time.......but hopefully i will have both cars finished for the FCS (french Car Show) next summer.

*************just a reminder this is going to be a 100% oem/standard restoration.......even to the standard exhaust***************

here goes the extra pics, following OLLIe's thread

and my mates garage starting to fill up nicely with hot hatches :P

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