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Your cars / My red B18FT powered 5
« on: 22:18, Mon 10 January 2011 »
Right about time i showed everyone my red 5 which i'm building for the drag strip.

It my old road car which i first fitted my old C1J lump too but then after cracking 2 liners in one go decided to fit a Volvo B18FT lump.
I've done alot of development on this engine so should be seeing good power and more inprtantly for me good time and speeds at Santa Pod.

These are the pics of its latest state before i pulled engine out again to do few more bits to engine bay and the engine, will look slightly different but be same basis as it is now.

Will keep this updated from time to time

Test area / pic
« on: 14:39, Sat 01 January 2011 »

Events/Shows/Cruises / Ace Cafe 18th Oct
« on: 18:55, Fri 15 October 2010 »
Its that time of the month again, its Ace Cafe meet Monday 18th Oct.

I'll be there as usual, campus will make it this time after having missed the last 2 meets
Who else is popping along?

Your cars / My Renault 5 campus turbo
« on: 17:42, Thu 09 September 2010 »
Well i found a way of sticking some pic's up on here of my 5's, i'll just link them to my facebook gallery!  :D

This is the campus i built at the beginning of the year, ran it at the Pod in may and done a 12.6@108mph.
Future plans is to get a very low 12 or even an 11 out of it them that'll be it. ... 2987981609 ... 2987986609 ... 2987991609 ... 2987996609

I'll stick some pic's up if any changes happen to it and keep it updated on the times it does.

Your cars / My previous 5's and current one
« on: 19:00, Wed 07 October 2009 »
I've been into 5's for god knows how many years now and owned then since January 2002, i've had a few in the past which i've enjoyed and wish i never sold now. I've had 3 5 gt's on the road, an Extra van turbo which i converted myself and myself and Gttnutter built a Mini gt turbo.

My old blue 5 use to be my old drag car, had about 230bhp and done the quarter mile in 12.3@111mph. That was at 20psi but was using a VNT

I've got a few pics here of my old 5's and van too

Newbies / Join this one now
« on: 18:41, Thu 01 October 2009 »
Been a member of RTOC for many years, some of you will know me on there.
Thought i'd join up and see what this site is like :D

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