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General Chat / adding pics to gallery
« on: 14:48, Sun 04 December 2011 »
can pics be added to the gallery if so how  :D

General Chat / avoid ebay sell retrocarspares
« on: 16:31, Thu 28 October 2010 »
best to avoid this plank retrocarspares on ebay as i won an item and he never sent it. he also told me im not the only 1 that has had a problem with.  avoid him at all costs

Renault 5 GT Turbo / starter motor problem
« on: 15:29, Wed 14 April 2010 »
ok i put the engine in hoses etc and when i crank her over it sounds like the starter motor does not engage to the flywheel proper ive had it in/out 4 -5 times and seems to sound the same and there is a couple scuff marks on the teeth of the flywheel as like the starter is not engaging proper i dont know what is going on any help/advice would be greatly appreciated

General Chat / pfc mag cease publication
« on: 09:59, Mon 08 March 2010 »
i thought that some people would like to know that as of the april issue there will no more pfc mags

General Chat / somewhere else to sell for FREE
« on: 20:46, Tue 16 February 2010 »
thought that some peeps would be interested in knowing there is somewhere else you can sell anything for FREE completly FREE free to join free to sell check it out its free give it a try no ebay type fees it FREE  :D

Events/Shows/Cruises / modified mania 2010
« on: 19:46, Thu 28 January 2010 »
thought that i put this up let some peeps now that modified mania is back again this year at the same place smeatharpe on the 25th july

General Chat / Petrol Prices!
« on: 09:57, Fri 15 January 2010 »
Hi ya i am a  member of another club aswell and we are trying to arrange a protest of some sort. I am pretty sure the general public are quite p*****d off with the increase of petrol prices. I have added this link and if you want to be apart of this then please click below. Thanks for all your support

General Chat / happy new year
« on: 18:32, Thu 31 December 2009 »
i wont be on here later happy new year all

Spotted / Was It You? / blue 5 in exeter
« on: 17:56, Thu 17 December 2009 »
the other day  a blue 5 gtturbo with ktec kit on pulled up next to me at a roundabout asked him if he was a member and he wasnt but did say that he might join up

Renault 5 GT Turbo / valve guides
« on: 14:22, Sun 25 October 2009 »
i have noticed that i have a damaged valve guide and its causing the valve to stick any ideas of what i can do about this

Spotted / Was It You? / white 5 gtturbo
« on: 16:58, Fri 09 October 2009 »
seen a h reg white 5 gtturbo in axminster aint seen it round here was it you

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