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General Chat / Gt turbo side skirt
« on: 19:50, Sun 07 October 2012 »
Can anyone tell me how much a brand new sideskirt is worth?

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Master cylinder
« on: 18:49, Sun 30 September 2012 »
Is the brake master cylinder in the renault 5 campus okay with the rear discs from a gt? i have the axle there just need to put it on?

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Rear axle
« on: 14:25, Sun 12 August 2012 »
Could anyone tell me exactly how to change the rear beam from a campus to a gt?
I am changing to discs, i have the whole beam and compensator just dont know what to do with compensator? do i need to make brake lines? pictures would help :) thanks

Your cars / My renault 5 from the start
« on: 22:19, Mon 09 July 2012 »
I bought this car off chet last weekend, i am in love with it :) i repainted it back to its former glory and am keeping it like that for now anyway :) here is some pictures :)

And here it is today :) got it insured :D

Newbies / Newbie from Ireland
« on: 13:52, Sat 16 June 2012 »
Hows it going, i joined this ages ago but its only now i have bought myself a gtt replica :) i thought i put up an introduction before but i musnt have :) Anyways my name is Dominic and im sure ill be posting a few questions here and there :) thanks

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Campus to Gt Turbo conversion help
« on: 17:19, Sun 10 June 2012 »
Im just wondering exactly what ill need, the car already has gt front subframe, brakes, suspension etc etc? i guess i need engine, gearbox, turbo, downpipe, manifold, driveshafts? ecu? will standard 1.4 ecu fit the gt engine etc?? just a list of everything i will need, thanks :)

Media / Xbox live?
« on: 15:14, Fri 29 October 2010 »
Sorry if theres already a topic on this, i had a quick look and couldnt see,
Anyway my Gamertag is

General Chat / R5 gtt replica? good/bad?
« on: 13:36, Fri 29 October 2010 »
would it be worth my while getting a campus, then doing replica? maybe when i get full licence and money put a turbo engine in? Whats yere ideas on it? what should i look out for in nuying a renault 5?
Thanks, Dominic  :)

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