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General Chat / anybody play pokerstars?
« on: 23:51, Mon 06 June 2011 »
if you do, post your username and we can watch out for each other....could even get a forum game going, using the pokerstars home game utility. :-D

Site/Forum/Computers / Has the Forum been down?
« on: 00:27, Sat 28 May 2011 »
Had issues getting on here for a few days, wondered if the site had been down.

Also is there an external contact incase we cant access the website? Maybe we should set up a facebook page aswell?

Just a thought.


General Chat / Decided to start racing snails
« on: 13:51, Sun 22 May 2011 »
I thought if i took their shells off it would make them more aerodynamic....turns out it just makes them more sluggish. :D

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Skills we have....
« on: 23:32, Thu 19 May 2011 »
I was thinking. there are a few people on here that are handy with engines and body work. Wondered if we should have a Topic where people post what they would be up for working on....obviously not for free. Just thought that anyone who has done an engine transplant or two and is pretty familiar might be willing to help someone else out at cost. would be a good way to circulate the wealth among the forum rather than taking it to a garage to be charged 75quid an hour or 120 quid a panel. Ya get me? or has this already been done and im missing something? Just thought it would be a good way of us getting to know each others faces and getting a bit of a rep for all our hard work.

What we reckon?

peace out.

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Clio alloys
« on: 16:04, Thu 28 April 2011 »
How much would a set of these be going for these days? the 5 spoke 15inch alloys. anyone know where i could get a set?

General Chat / Any one have a trailer?
« on: 19:43, Mon 18 April 2011 »
If anyone in the newcastle,Durham, Sunderland area has a trailer would they be willing to give a fellow 5er a hand either moving a car for me and if so how much mooolah would you need?

Thanks in advance!

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Starting my first project.
« on: 16:50, Mon 18 April 2011 »
So i have owned 2 5 GTTs in the past and now i want to try my hand at building one(with alot of assistance and advice) myself. I was wondering if we could compile a list of tools and handy things to have in the garage for people like me in the same situation and, if possible, a list of places and prices where they can be bought.

also, if this has already been done could someone point me in the direction of that thread. cheers lads

Site/Forum/Computers / sending messages.
« on: 22:59, Mon 11 April 2011 »
This might be me being stupid..... but why when i send a message does it go to my outbox instead of my sent box?

General Chat / Rover 220i turbo for free?
« on: 17:39, Mon 11 April 2011 »
So here is an interesting one.

Everytime me and the missus go to the pictures we always use the same car park and i noticed that there was a totally standard rover 220i turbo sitting in the same spot every week. eventually it got so thick of dust i assumed it must have been abandoned so i had a check with the security guard and he said it belonged to a chinese student who had since left the country. i've emailed the car park company and asked them what they think about the situation. waiting to hear word back from them. next step is to check it out with the police and DVLA and make sure it hasnt been reported stolen. and depends wether the car park will let it go as it obviously has outstanding parking fines that havent been payed and i dont want to get lumped with those when/if i become the registered keeper.

Just thought i'd put it up here and see what you lads thought.

what you wreckon?

Renault 5 GT Turbo / R5 Campus conversion.
« on: 17:01, Thu 07 April 2011 »
On the stardard 5 campus, how hard would it be to take those annoying plastic panels off the doors and rear quarters?

Is there a specific thread for doing an r5 campus comversion to a R5GTT? dont want to waste peoples time asking questions that might already have been Asked/Answered before.



General Chat / Advice please.....
« on: 16:53, Thu 07 April 2011 »
So I was loking to start a project. I have a garage where i can store an R5 so i am in no rush to get one of these pocket rockets on the road, just want a hobby for the weekend. I was looking on the net to see if i could find an old banged up 5 for a couple of hundred quid but not having that much luck so i wondered if it was worth buying a 5 campus. i would start off doing the cosmetics but looking at the 5 campus, it has those weird plastic bits on the doors and over the rear quarters. wondered if anyone had ventured down this route and wondered how much of a pain in the backside it would be to take those panels off and get it looking like a turbo??? and if anyone knows where i could buy an R5 campus or banged up turbo, gimme a shout.



Newbies / new in newcastle !
« on: 14:22, Thu 17 September 2009 »
hey guys, i've had a few fab fives, but i was too young to afford the insurance at 235 quid a month!!  :shock: but now i'm older and wiser......not much wiser lol

i've decided to get back on the scene, so am on the look out for a standard, gun metal grey or white 90' spec r5 for about 1500 quid

any one out there that knows of one give me shout

peace out!


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