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General Chat / cgb stickers
« on: 23:16, Mon 14 December 2009 »
awryt guys was wondering does enyone know if cgb do stickers i seen some one on here with a cgb motorsport sticker on the back window cant mind whos car it was tho.looks nice and want to buy one.along with my carb overhaul kit :D cheerssss :P

General Chat / Hid Conversion Kit?
« on: 21:48, Fri 11 December 2009 »
Awryt guys i am thinking of getting a hid conversion kit and was wondering which is the best one to buy from ebay and is it easy to fit cheers? :D

Spotted / Was It You? / radier in scouston dumbarton rd
« on: 17:50, Tue 24 November 2009 »
seen a mint radier in scouston dumbarton rd today lookd original and minted enyone know whos it is :D

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Compression test.
« on: 16:09, Sat 07 November 2009 »
Awryt guys done a compression test on the 5 today wasnt good :(  two clylinders are losing compression the readings were - 10 9 9 10 so the two middle cylinders are losing what could be causing this and is it serious,my car does smoke on idle but i was told that was down to breather problems or could this just be all done to the fact that i am losing compression.cheers guys.

General Chat / FOGS LIGHTS
« on: 22:04, Wed 04 November 2009 »
hey guys right i have got a tarmac front bumper on my car (quad lights) now this might sound stupit but do the fogs for the standard r5 bumper (yellow fogs ) fit the tarmac bumper lol

General Chat / chrome cover thing lol ???
« on: 21:53, Sun 01 November 2009 »
hey guys right i dont no the name for this but its a chrome cover that goes right over the top part of the engine bay area were the battery sits goes right along the top am looking to buy this and have seen a few cars with it what is it called and were do i get one cheers.

Spotted / Was It You? / blue gtturbo orange wheels drumchapel
« on: 21:10, Sun 01 November 2009 »
past a blue gt turbo today outside drumchapel swimming pool it was stunning orange wheels orange roll cage morret lights side exit exhaust very smart

General Chat / which afr is best?
« on: 01:55, Tue 20 October 2009 »
Hey guys looking into buying a afr but what is the best one to get for the 5?

General Chat / exhausts
« on: 23:57, Fri 16 October 2009 »
rights guys just wanted to know i was thinking of buying a scorpion exhaust system,but i have devil exhaust on the car just now should i change it for a scorpion or just keep the devil exhaust,the guy who i bought the car from says that the exhaust on the car is very rare but its not loud enuff lol tell me wat u think guys cheers :D

Renault 5 GT Turbo / smokeing on idle?
« on: 20:33, Sat 10 October 2009 »
hey guys got a bit of a problem here my 5 seems to be smoking on idle but its fine when on boost and its boosts fine no probs wat so ever.i have been told it could be the oil catch tank as mines has no vacum coming from it.but i just want to ask what else could this be?? cheers guys

General Chat / looking for two parts cheap??
« on: 21:23, Tue 06 October 2009 »
i am looking for a sump seals and a mixture screw i have tryed cgb and the are far do expensive for postage and ktec only do the sump seal as a kit which i do not need want the both or these parts for around 20 enyone no were i can get these cheap online.cheers guys :D

General Chat / boost?
« on: 22:07, Fri 02 October 2009 »
awryt guys just wanted to know how much i can turn the boost up on my car it is baciscally standard and the boost has not been touched far as i am aware.??

Renault 5 GT Turbo / breather help!!
« on: 22:29, Wed 30 September 2009 »
right guy bit of a problem here took my car to a rolling road and there was smoke comeing from the turbo on idle the guy said that it was more than likely to do with this breather in the pic and said sumthing about it needing vacum thats why it smokes on idle.said that its not the turbo because it pulls well on boost so thats what i want to know is how to i get a vacum on this filter.cheers

Renault 5 GT Turbo / carb rejetted??
« on: 19:33, Fri 25 September 2009 »
i am looking to get my carb rejetted how do i do this. am new to all of this so need help lol.?cheers

General Chat / turbo timer
« on: 20:20, Sun 20 September 2009 »
was going to get a turbo timer are these easy to fit and what is the best one to get?

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