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General Chat / The mintiest 5 left?
« on: 16:18, Mon 22 September 2008 »
Don't think this one has been posted up on here but apologies if it's a repost.  :oops:

Saw this one a few days ago on Pistonheads whilst surfing. Looks a real beaut. A real one off. Is it owned by anyone on here or on the RTOC??
Wish I had 5.5k  :shock:  :(

General Chat / Waiting....
« on: 14:26, Fri 15 August 2008 »
As I work shifts I have had the last 2 days off work which I have spent on the PC looking for an R5 which fits what I want.

I have sat with PH, This forum, RTOC forum, Ebay, Autotrader open in a web browser but nothing really seems to be coming up for sale at the moment.

Is it due to the time of year or are there just not many little R5's left on the road??


General Chat / Does anyone know......
« on: 10:16, Fri 15 August 2008 »
Whose car this is? Is it someone on here or the RTOC??

It came up for sale on Ebay recently and I missed it due to work and have been trying to get in contact with the owner via Ebay but he isn't responding. Any help appreciated.

Edit....It didn't sell as the reserve wasn't met



General Chat / 2 Engines!
« on: 09:22, Fri 15 August 2008 »
Have just noticed this on Ebay this morning. I am sure this used to be another colour or has there been more than 1?? Oh and apologies if this is a repost. ... dZViewItem

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Parts disc??
« on: 18:15, Thu 14 August 2008 »
Hey guys,

Being new to the forum and R5's I don't know very much about them but using this forum amongst other things I am slowly but surely learning.

Having had fast Fords in my time I have often used the TIS discs to get part numbers off for original Ford parts.

I was wondering if Renault have the same sort of thing (surely they must have) and has anyone on here got access to it or has made copies of it for ease of getting part numbers from Renault. If Renault dealers are anything like Ford ones then getting part numbers before you go down to the garage are a bonus


Smudger  :D

General Chat / Silver???
« on: 20:50, Mon 11 August 2008 »
Hi guys,

Can anyone tell me if Renault ever released the 5 GT Turbo in silver from the factory or are the ones that come up for sale from time to time resprayed by the owners.


Smudger  :D

Newbies / Greetings
« on: 21:12, Sat 31 December 2005 »
Hi guys and girls.

Im new to the site and thought i would introduce myself.

I dont own a Renault 5 turbo yet but am currently looking for a good one and have posted in the wanted section of this forum.

Im 25 from Essex and have owned turbo cars before. My first car was a Series 2 Escort RS which I then flogged for a Civic Type-r ( I know its not a turbo car) and lastly a Focus RS which had to be sold when the Mrs gave birth in July (GOD kids are expensive)

Anyway I currently own a mint 1.6 205 GTI with 58K on the clock which I will be selling shortly and the proceeds of which and a bit more will go towards a GT Turbo.

I hope to find a good one soon.

Smudger   8)

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