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General Chat / renault 5 gt turbo raider help needed
« on: 15:46, Sat 22 August 2009 »
got these

want one of these

heres how its going

interior due to poetic liecense

any one got pics of the real interior??

but not sure should i do it like this??

ebs style with the roof down

Newbies / hi im new
« on: 00:23, Thu 13 August 2009 »
just to say hello im a big renault sports fan r5 gtt gtas etc
i dont have either sadly but i do collect 1/18th scale models and i have both that way as well as a turbo 2 clio williams maxi a110 rallye and a estifette
and later this year a r21 turbo
 but i need some help with some tech questions on a couple of mods im going to be doing on these diecast hence ... php?t=5999

i just hope you dont think im a teminal saddo!!

General Chat / have you seen these
« on: 00:20, Thu 13 August 2009 »
1/18th diecast gt turbo phase 1 by norev
thers a rare german dealer edition phase 2 in silver available too

and heres what some one has done to a phase 2

which i also will be doing hence ... php?t=5999

Renault 5 GT Turbo / help with colour codes??
« on: 00:04, Thu 13 August 2009 »
hi does any one know the colour code and name of the metallic blue used on the raider special edition??

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