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Your cars / 1/18 renault 5 gt turbo (blunty's replica)
« on: 23:06, Tue 16 February 2010 »
well this one isnt going to be as big as the last one as it didnt need much work doing to it but i bought a ph2 rally one to make into blunty's replica
its finished now (well almost ) so i will start from the beginning  :mrgreen:
when i first got it

then it had 3 holes in it 2 in the bonnet and 1 in the roof which i filler'd

and sanded

all in primer

and the top

and finished (looks a bit darker when its inside)

and put back together final shots

and some pics of bluntyr5gtt's car in comparison

ive still got a few bits to do such as the engine bay and the reg plates and then it will be finished and i will be on to the next one :)

comments welcome

Your cars / 1/18 renault 5 gt turbo (garya's replica :))
« on: 23:06, Sat 23 January 2010 »
i started on garya's 1/18 gt replica today :)
it will be the same as his ,same colour,interior etc
pics of his car

and some of the 1/18 :)

so then i took it to pieces :D

and painted the engine hoses :)

while that was drying i got the seats out

and because his are black leather i painted them black :)

i then got started on the boot (because his is smoothed)
layer of filler

and sand smooth

then i put it in primer and put it on the car (still needs work):)

at this point this is what the interior looked like :(

oh wheres the engine ???? lol

then i put it back together and painted the wing in primer :)

so that was today's progress :)

comments welcome :D

General Chat / my 1/18 gt turbo
« on: 00:02, Mon 18 January 2010 »
hi i have modified a 1.18 scale renault 5 gt turbo to look like ASH_LEE's car
here is ASH_LEE's car

and heres my replica (still needs some work though lol)

all comments welcome :D

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