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Non Renault topics / LONG SHOT
« on: 00:30, Thu 25 November 2010 »
i notice alot of us or are still down the routes of GSi Corsa's even tho we have r5's so im wonderin as a long shot any1 got any Corsa GSi parts at all floating around they want to sell ?

Renault 5 GT Turbo / earth fault
« on: 00:29, Mon 18 October 2010 »
okay as i gotta order some parts i went ot look at the car to test some parts i fort was faulty or need looking at, when i was pressing drivers side e/w button in the centre console it  wasnt doing as it was ment to but instead putting on my headlights which Markey Mark had said it was a faulty earth, if so where would i be looking for this earth wire, could it be near the centre console at all ?

Renault 5 GT Turbo / fitting kit for mechanical oil pressure gauge.
« on: 14:10, Mon 11 October 2010 »
i recently brought a mechanical oil pressure gauge kit, never checked it after installing it until yesterday (sunday) when Markey Mark come round and it wasnt showing a reading, we found out the source which was i put a kink in the wiring but after we got the kink out started the engine it pissed out of the wire as there was a split so i was wondering does anyone know where i can get a braided version from, not keen on getting a nylon version again unless i have to..

General Chat / common questions being asked
« on: 15:59, Mon 19 July 2010 »
ive noticed lately that there are many repeated questions in the renault 5 section, wouldnt it be best/easier if some1 did a post/website page on some of the the question's that are regularly asked about? for instance

what other cars you can use for 285mm discs?
ideal replacement size tyres for the standard wheels as the orginals are rare to get?
what is the max psi boost a t2 can hold at a stable and reliable use?
simply mods to add to a r5 when its a standard engine?
how to upload images and where to?
where the ideal places to purchase new/used parts from? (ideal for new people so they know who to ring/ look up on the website)
local dealers, dismantlers

General Chat / window screen rubbers
« on: 10:56, Sat 03 July 2010 »
does anyone know where i could possibly get a orginally window screen rubber on the outside as i dont want to use a universal surrounding if possible and inside part (not sure what it is called) that holds it in place ( this is the trim that has tiny fractions of metal that grip on to the surrounding of the window frame for the window to attach to )

Renault 5 GT Turbo / air vents centre 3 gauge holder
« on: 19:03, Thu 17 June 2010 »
what is the best way of installing these as titled ? do you saw away the middle part ?

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Aftermarket Oil Pressure Reader
« on: 23:24, Mon 10 May 2010 »
im looking at getting a 'Aftermarket Oil Pressure Reader' where would i connect it to ?
Would i just disconnect the Engine Loom Pressure Reading wires and you connect them to that ? i have to get 1 as the 1 on the dials isn't reading not sure if this is because there not connected or stopped working so im just going to get a new gauge to see if works if not il need to get find out what it is.

Renault 5 GT Turbo / the panel?
« on: 18:27, Sat 08 May 2010 »
what is the panel for where you screw the rear panel side screw on the passengers side called ? rear of the arch area. as mine has a little rot on there i noticed today so i wanna replace it if i can or get a welding plate there instead

Renault 5 GT Turbo / running no heater matrix
« on: 23:15, Tue 04 May 2010 »
is there any disadvantages not running a heater matrix? if not how do i plum the pipe work to miss it ? just connect the pipes up together

General Chat / parcel sending
« on: 06:39, Wed 21 April 2010 »
what website/ courier do some of you use or recommand ? looking at sending out some orders this saturday for people interested gives me then time to clean parts up or check they are in g.c and worth the money people wish to pay for.

Renault 5 GT Turbo / digital clock
« on: 23:31, Tue 20 April 2010 »
tho my cars battery is pretty much dead it has little life to keep the digital clock going, are they ment to show a display even if the ignition isnt on or only when ignition is live?

Renault 5 GT Turbo / starting up not happening
« on: 22:41, Wed 14 April 2010 »
so i have put the engine back together.
fuel pump works, fuel in the tank
it starts up if u put fuel down the top of the carb.

im thinking fuel relay ??

« on: 07:44, Sat 10 April 2010 »
i was wondering if anyone could do a sum up of this as there is only the oil cup mod sum up in the d.i.y section. i only ask as i would like to make sure i get the right size tubing and do it correctly as i was talking to scratcher last nite and he was telling me one way but i had seen it differently on some other cars so i was wondering which was better to have it setup. the way i fort was to loop the lobster and then have the bottom of the carb (passenger side) connect to the actuator and block off the turbo elbow hole with a bolt. but not sure whats bets tubing to use for this 6mm or 4mm. im sure as theres many of you with this my be able to tell me which 1 is best for this or does it not matter which 1 you use?

General Chat / gauges !
« on: 00:52, Fri 02 April 2010 »
i was wondering what are the best aftermarket gauges to use. i using a 3 gauge holder in the console but not sure what ones to use or what ones are best to use, i am intending to get boost, oil pressure but the third one is where im stuck on. any ideas guys

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Start up & Idling Problems
« on: 22:20, Wed 31 March 2010 »
Some of you know im currently putting my grey 5 on the road by using parts from my black 5 that broke down the other week. Atm i have got the engine all put together and to get it started i have to jump started, hasnt been started for a long time tho. after a while of getting the fuel pushed around the engine it starts but if i rev it it dies, sometimes it will stay idling sometimes it mite die tho. my opinion i think its a vaccum pipe, or carb leak. or a block in the idle or fuel jet.

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