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Renault 5 GT Turbo / starter motor replacement- which one??
« on: 11:20, Sun 08 November 2009 »
I have read on here that the Clio 1.7 starter motor is a great and a straight replacemnt for our R5's.
Is there any other Renault that i should know about that is a straight fit [1.7 Clios are rarish here at the wreckers]

Also is there any tricks i should know about to getting the existing starter motor off the car/

Any tips welcomed :)

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Actuator boost limit?
« on: 07:32, Sat 31 October 2009 »
By winding out the actuator to its maximum limit what max boost could one expect???

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Weight of a R5 radiator
« on: 11:57, Mon 14 September 2009 »
If somebody has a spare rad sitting around could they do me a favour and weigh it for me.   Also the dimensions would be a big help too .
   Ta muchly for any help.

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Who has the best priced R5 GTT radiators?
« on: 09:28, Mon 14 September 2009 »
Okey Dokey....after much trying to get something similar here in this country with no success i am now going to buy one from the UK.
Probably will stick to the Valeo item......anybody got any good prices lately.
I have checked with a couple of sites and they all seem to be 132-139 quid.

  Any better prices around ??

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Maybe new Radiator time question
« on: 06:38, Fri 11 September 2009 »
It looks like i have to renew the rad. A new one from the UK will cost me a load in freight so my first plan is to get one here by simply recoring.
Has anybody simply recored one before and is it possible?
If i have to replace the plastic end tanks as well...are they common with any other Ren.
Any tips appreciated.

Renault 5 GT Turbo / How to disconnect the heater temporarily?
« on: 11:44, Wed 26 August 2009 »
Its still winter hear and we are having unusual 35C days.
My heater is stuck on open making it worse and i dont have the time ATM to take the console out and rectify it.
Is there any short cut that i can do as a quick fix to stop the heater from blowing hot air into the cabin.
Any help appreciated before i turn into a Biafran !! :lol:

Renault 5 GT Turbo / R19 compatible parts into an R5 ??
« on: 12:27, Wed 12 August 2009 »
A friend is taking his series one R19 to be scrapped into razor blades....before it goes i would like to find out if there are any parts on it that can go straight into my R5 spares box....hubs? brakes?  ...anything ??
Such a waste to see it all go.

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Slowest R5 in the world- thats mine.
« on: 12:57, Thu 06 August 2009 »
What gives here ?   Was looking forward to driving this little Mother for the first time however was shocked to get such poor performance from it.
Similar to a tractor i'd say.... :shock:
This car carb [how can one tell if thats not bulls*** ?]
                    4" straight thru pipe
                     Double capacity alloy intercooler.
                      T2-T25 Hybrid turbo
It couldnt pull the skin off my Mothers custard so i checked the boost level and she was only running at 5 PSI.....why would that be ?   Why would anybody REDUCE the boost to that level.
Any ideas chasps?
Maybe it was done for a reason or to hide something ?
I'm all ears !!!

Done by trans-4-mations....anybody know anything about them as well?

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Anybody have 8" rims on the rear??
« on: 12:37, Sat 04 July 2009 »
If so....can i ask what tyre spec you are running?
I have 8" rear with 205 x40 x16 with Euro look and the MOT people dont like them. :oops:
So i need to buy another sized tyre....just wondering what are other peeps wearing on their 8 inch rims?

Renault 5 GT Turbo / door hinge pins
« on: 12:26, Thu 02 July 2009 »
Anybody know what other cars use the same size hinge pins as the R5.

They are 7mm [OD]  x 45mm

All they are is a strenghened steel item and surely must be common to anther car.
Somebody suggested use a Peugeot 504 item???

Any tips peoples?

Renault 5 GT Turbo / cigarette compartment-how is it attached.?
« on: 12:23, Sun 14 June 2009 »
The big door of the compartment where the ciggie lighter is in is hanging down on the fan swithes.
Can someone tell me how the supports at the rear actually hold up the door.
I dont have another car to compare with sorry !
Is it it by screws, glued ???    I cant see any fixings.
Is this compartment a common breakage item ?

Any help appreciated peeps

Renault 5 GT Turbo / what Ren badge for my Grille
« on: 11:58, Thu 11 June 2009 »
I have a Skeete front grille with a recessed diamond to allow the chrome plain Ren badge to sit however some dogs turd has stolen it.
now i have ro replace it but dont know which one will fit.
I have a sneaking suspicion it maybe from a R19.
It is pure smooth chrome [no indents on it ] and is 50mm dia.

 Any guesses peeps ???

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Why is it so?? perc fan missing
« on: 12:20, Wed 10 June 2009 »
Just checking over the new baby and noticed that the innards of the perc fan section have nothing in it. no fan etc.
The car has a group A carb.  
I thought the perc fan served the purpose of cooling the fuel at the base of the why has this car got nothing like that????

Hi Peoples,
Just joined this great site today. Have owned the R5 for just one week now and havent a clue on part numbers for the following............
I plan to do a major service on her and change alot of consumables.
As i am in Australia parts for this car do not exist so i will need to order from the UK but dont want to get them all this way to find they are incorrect so going by the part numbers would be safer maybe.

Parts i am requiring are as follows................
1.  fuel filter [is this one used on any other later Renault? ]
2.  Dizzy cap and rotor [ also is this same part on any other Ren? ]
3. Thermostat   [same as above ...Clio 16v? ]
4.  oil filter   [ are these from any other Ren? ]
5. door pins

Hopefully with the part numbers  can try to order thru Renault dealer here however if that fails it will be via mail from UK. Any help appreciated !!   cheers

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