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General Chat / cgb in stafford
« on: 20:30, Fri 26 June 2009 »
Just a comment to say nice guy n legend for stayin open late for me to collect parts. Will definitely use him again !!

Renault 5 GT Turbo / help on me diagnosing head gaskett failure
« on: 10:41, Thu 28 May 2009 »
i have had car for few months now. last night bled the coolant. coolant is brownish and gungy in expansion tank, yet when i bled out of hose it was much more watery. car had head done 30k ago. could this just be a dirty coolant system or do you think its gone or going again. im running standard wit uprated ic and 13-15psi boost. any1 has simular with there 5s?

i am trying to decide wether 2 chance it or not at pod 2moro. running boost retarded on way down and was gonna run about 15psi on 1/4mile mile. i have recovery yet id hope not to use it!!! wat u recon guys????

Renault 5 GT Turbo / battery light
« on: 19:08, Mon 25 May 2009 »
flashing when i hit a bump yet only when car is doing 4500revs or more. that belt slippin we think or is there any common loose connections?

Events/Shows/Cruises / rtoc day @ pod
« on: 19:05, Thu 21 May 2009 »
any1 goin nxt friday?????

can none rtoc members go????? will i be allowed to break my 5 on the strip not being a member????

Renault 5 GT Turbo / what oil????
« on: 22:06, Wed 06 May 2009 »
doin oil service 2moro. cant remeber wat oili used last time i did one. whats the grade i need???? is it 10-40???

Renault 5 GT Turbo / 5 gt paint problem
« on: 10:53, Tue 05 May 2009 »
i have a red gt-t. my bodyshop at work use water based paints and the software they use doesnt have the red listed?? any1 else have this problem??? is it not available as a water based???

Your cars / Dikkys 1989 5 GT
« on: 22:13, Sun 03 May 2009 »
Hi all. heres a little bit of info about me n my 5. my 1st car was a 5 1.1 campus. i instantly fell in love!!!! was sad 2 see it go when i got a company car. heres a pikky o it day after id finnished my work makin it a gtt replica.

so when i got bored of a e30 i bough 4 a laff a few years l8r i returned to 5s!! this time a phase 2 gt!!! i bought it with blown turbo, slipping clutch, lots of rot and niggles. put few quid in2 her n a ktr 180 turbo n boy was that a gr8 fun lil car!!!! here she is....

mad big mistake then and sold her....... had few cars since like wrx, rx7, mini, astra gte and now iv finally corrected my mistakes and bought a 5 again in march!!!! here she is

130k, stainless exhaust, 15s only mods when i got her!!! full rebuild a 100k 2 so fingers crossed!!!

since buying her 4 a track toy/ hobby iv put a few quid in2 her. ktr double sized intercooler 1st purchase, low temp fan switch and ktec re-jetted carb and fitted in car boost 4 me. now fitted me private plate to it and i am currently getting a new standard bumper sprayed to replace damaged on on the car!

if any1 was at ists at donny on the sat u may have seen the old tuby on the track........ mucho funo. hope u enjoy me piccys as much i love drivin her!!!!

i will try and keep topic up 2 date as much as possible so u guys can see the fossils progress!!!

Renault 5 GT Turbo / anti perc fan probs
« on: 11:32, Thu 30 April 2009 »
iv had car 3 months now and it has never worked. lastnite it started working and ran for 20mins solid. so i disconnected it. im going to run it on a switch. will disconecting the perc fan affect the main fan???

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Phase 2 Non Metallic Red Paint Code Needed???
« on: 09:57, Mon 27 April 2009 »
as tittle says iv got a phase 2 GTT in Red, Whats the Paint Code/ Paint Name.

Thanx guys!!!!

Renault 5 GT Turbo / does a 200sx turbo (t25 garret?)
« on: 14:10, Tue 21 April 2009 »
i know its the same unit but does turbo and actuator fit on renault parts? any others that fit to a 5 gt?

Renault 5 GT Turbo / 5 gt advice needed
« on: 11:34, Mon 20 April 2009 »
i have a 89 gt turb with standard t2 standard cam, k-tec in car boost set up at ruffly 16psi and ktec double sized intercooler, stainless exhaust.

now heres the advice needed. i recentl;y went to ists @donny and went around track, which was hilariously good fun in the butty box. however the car did set fire to a heatshield after my laps and the battery failed on the way home which led to the usual banter from the lads who i was with who drive all jap cars. so being pissed up the following nite i made a bet id have the 5 running 14sec 1/4 miles at pod in august the next time we all get 2 gether 4 a p155 up.

so options.............

i know i need to upgrade clutch also im gna get sum slicks for good grip and strip interior so its lighter but  what you recon i do next guys?

1) tune engine i.e cam, head work
2) uprate turbo

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