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Your cars / My Ph1 GT turbo + Project pics...
« on: 19:00, Wed 13 May 2009 »
Heres a few links of my weekend GT turbo and projects ive got going.. My main project being the civic D16 turbo which im hoping to get to pod at RTOC day in couple of weeks....

More heres of my Red ph1 GT and my old clio GT i ran last year, the engine from that is now fitted to my 5.. ... cing_2008/

Some more here.... ... cing%20HQ/

And here is The Ricer to chase the 10second 1/4

More in here of the build... ... 20project/


Newbies / Hi
« on: 17:55, Tue 14 April 2009 »
Hi all, just thought id sign up for a change from rtoc and see whats going on... As some of you may know im Rob@backyard Racing... Unsure if i use to be on here before  :?: but hay and hello everyone  :D

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