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General Chat / the vault
« on: 23:43, Thu 22 October 2009 »
how do i get access to the vault area?

and is it mega cool like i hope it is?

Renault 5 GT Turbo / 209 unit
« on: 15:46, Fri 16 October 2009 »
sorry to sound retarded, but its been annoying me for ages and i cant find any info.

what is the 209 unit i see everyone talking about and or selling? and what does it do?

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Coolant pipe dilemma
« on: 23:37, Wed 14 October 2009 »
I have a full set of OEM coolant pipes, brand new in their renault packaging.

When I`m rebuilding i`m in 2 minds as to sell these on and use the money to put towards samcos or other silicone hoses for a bit of engine bay bling.

price wise i know this full set cost over 300 from renault at the time... which is about the same as samcos, but they are obviously less desirable in resale terms.

basically, would i be better using them and saving the cash, or with an increase in boost pressure etc, would i be better selling them on and getting silicones?

thanks :)

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Engine rebuilding
« on: 22:43, Sun 11 October 2009 »
sorry if this is long winded.. ill be as quick as i can.

my new white 5 basically has no engine.... nothing... not even a loom.

it does however come with a tungy grey 5 that has a scrap shell and a good engine and box.

now, the seller has also given me more parts than gt tunings back store, pistons, liners, bearings, timing chain... loads of gear.

now i have the haynes manual, and the complete workshop manual and was flicking through them today and it seems pretty straight forward. But i will also have the guidance of my guru mechanic who tuned my subaru.

somethings are confusing me tho.

to replace the liners, do i need to take the block to a machine shop and have them pressed in?

the ar comes with a full tarabushi piston and liner set inc rings. im assuming these arent forged or anything, but what sort of boost and or power can these withstand before its good night vienna?

should i buy uprated conrods?

while i have the engine apart, should i just replace everything, crank, valves etc?

the car will be runing an HE5A turbo from gt tuning, its not going to be a daily driver or a track weapon, i just want a bit of extra punch over standard power. the car will be a summer and or dry weather only motor, as ive wanted a 5 since i was 15... and 13 years on i finally have one.

im not worried about th cost of parts, i can do it bit by bit, but id rather do it once, do it right, rater than skimp on something for it to come bite me in the rear.

sorr for being so long winded.... any info much appreciated :)

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Spoiler fitting
« on: 00:12, Fri 09 October 2009 »
my new GW gtt has had the bootlid replaced during restoration by the previous owner... now, with cool things like no wiper hole from the factory and a few other nice bits, it appears to be missing the mounting points for the GTT spoiler (assuming its a campus bootlid possibly?)

for those who have replaced the lid before, how did you remount the spoiler? would the likes of the 3m bodykit tape used to fit ebay supplied bmw trunk spoilers suffice or would i be best with bonder?

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Cup Suspension?
« on: 18:37, Wed 07 October 2009 »
the 5 i`ve just bought is coming with what the owners says is genuine cup suspension taken from a renault 5 cup car.

i`ve searched and searched and searched and cant find much useful info.

whats the deal with this setup? i`d like my 5 semi low but still drivable.

and more tot he point, what would be its resale value if i wanted to go the coilover route as the car will be more a dry weather, trailer queen rather than a track slag.

Your cars / Glacier White Phase 2 - has to be built first :P
« on: 16:15, Fri 02 October 2009 »
****sorry if this jumps a bit, i`ve copied and pasted and edited from another forum, but the updates will make better reading :)****

Well, here she is, after months of debating and trying to work things out money wise, and Maxwell taking on my old Raider project I finally got my dream
Renault 5 GT Turbo.

1991 Fully Restored Shell Painted in Renault Glacier White

restored car has had :

New Front Bumper (Genuine)
New Rear Bumper (Genuine)
New Front Wings (Genuine) - French wings with no side repeaters
New Bonnet(Genuine)
New Windscreen Panel (Genuine)

Complete replacement windows
Complete Renault Window Rubber Set

Powder coated front subframe
Powder coated Rear Axle

The parts to be fitted list reads :

GT Tuning he5a mk3 turbo
GT Tuning alloy carb top
GT Tuning high flow turbo pipe
GT Tuning high flow turbo elbow
GT Tuning big brake kit
GT Tuning Braided brake hose kit
GT Tuning group n clutch kit
GT Tuning group A carb + rebuild kit
GT Tuning high pressure fuel pump
GT Tuning incar boost controller
GT Tuning Turbo Heatshield
Bailey Anodised Blue Dump Valve
K&N Breather Filter
Samco Blue Boost Pipes
Pace Dual Core alloy intercooler
Fuel regulator
Magnex exhaust system
high lift cam and vernier
Ngk plugs

Genuine timing chain + tensioner
Genuine Renault Coolant Hose Set
Genuine Renault Door sticker set
Full gasket set
Uprated oil pump
New Pistons
New Liners
Uprated Head bolts
New Bearings

Copper core radiator
K-Tec Racing half roll cage
K-Tec Racing boot brace
K-Tec Racing front strut brace
Renault 5 Turbo Cup suspension
15" OZ chrono alloys
13" Renault 5 GT Turbo Alloys in silver

Clear front Indicators
Open mouth front Grill
OEM Phase 2 Front Grill - to be painted.
OEM Amber front fogs

Spare shell inc engine and gearbox

i`ve probably forgotten something, and i`ll add to it as I wade my way though the Aladdins cave of parts I now have


GT Tuning Heatshield, K&N Breather, Alloy Carb Top

Downpipe & Turbo Elbow

Pace Intercooler

Samco Boost pipes - Now Mint

K-Tec Polished Cage

Tarabushi Pistons / Liners / Rings and Pins

Inlet and Exhaust Manifolds (the inlet is a campus one... i know... but its just to show)

Samco Silicone Boost Pipes and Bailey Dump Valve

Copper Core Radiator

New Uprated Oil Pump

Water Pump and GRP A Carb

K-Tec Front Strut Bar

HE5A Garrett Hybrid Turbo

Engine Rebuild Parts - bearings, timing chain etc

285mm Big Brake kit & Braided Lines

OEm Renault Coolant Hose Set BNIB

More Misc Engine Rebuild Parts inc Carb rebuild Kit

GT Tuning Uprated Clutch (GRP N or A or something)

GT Tuning High Lift Cam

Renault DeCarbon Cup Suspension

Pipercross Filter

K&N breather, GT Tuning Heat Shield, Magnex Exhaust

more parts to come also :) inc gaskets etc... but i also forgot to photograph the brand new in box genuine renault side sticker pack... oh yes :)


massive thanks to Resintooth, Gee and Ra-Pilot for helping me out massively with cars / trailers and epic banter throughout the day on thursday to get the car home.

some more pics :

Genuine Renault OE Side decal set :

The car awaiting collection (with Gee at the helm):

The car arriving at its new home and ultimate resting place :

All tucked up :

The donor Tungsten that is giving its heart to allow another 5 to live :)

Yes... i did wash the front of it, and i`ll probably end up washing the whole thing so it doesnt feel bad :P... my mum also didnt appreciate the large drawing on the bonnet for the neighbours to see

Progress is slow, i`m tinkering with interior bits and bobs until i get some time off work to pull the engine out of the tungy.

Some parts are also for sale, like the white open mouth grill, loads of parts off the tungy, OEM Hoses - used and new, Decarbon suspension... and so on :)

i`ll keep a record going of progress, hopefully it`ll not be painfully slow

Renault 5 GT Turbo / GT Tuning HE5A MK2 Turbo
« on: 01:13, Fri 02 October 2009 »
what sort of power output are these badboys capable of and @ what sort of optimum pressure?

the website isnt too informative :(

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Wheel fitment : Ronal Turbo 15"
« on: 14:12, Wed 17 June 2009 »
sorry i havent been on in a while, sadly life and personal stuff has gotten in the way and i`ve had no time to even look at the 5.

so in a spot of cheering myself upness i`ve decided to start looking at rims as I can stick them on the runabout motor in the meantime.

i`ve been hunting the bay for 15" ronal turbos. but i dont know what fitment I need.

is it 35 or 37mm offset as i`ve seen them as low as 18 i think which im near sure is citroen offset.

so just checking before i go and buy some :)


and centre bore?

many thanks guys

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Removing the fuel filler neck?
« on: 12:59, Mon 04 May 2009 »
how is it removed?

i removed the petrol cap, i`ve also removed the reserve fuel tank and the silicone joining hose but i really cant see how to remove the filler neck assembly and i cant find it in the haynes manual?

only removing it so i can get better access into the arch cavity to seal everything :)

Renault 5 GT Turbo / OEM Grille - is this right?
« on: 22:37, Fri 01 May 2009 »
im gonna order sills here this week and spotted this on beevers ... nt&Ret=ALL

surely this isnt a grille suitable for a turbo is it? (phase 2)

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Bumpers?
« on: 22:01, Thu 16 April 2009 »
are all 5gtt bumpers the same and its just the rub strips that are different?

i just wanted to check before I ordered some spanky new ones and then found there was a difference between pahse 1 and phase 2

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Engine rebuild - more power reliably?
« on: 10:47, Tue 14 April 2009 »
last night we began pulling the engine to replace gaskets etc and check overall condition and fix a few oil leaks.

while its out i`m going to replace some internals, I dont want to run massive boost, but what sort of pressure can the OEM turbo run reliably? and what supporting internal mods are required in the engine to make it stronger?

if i can strengthen it and run a touch more boost i`d be happy (currently my scooby runs 1.57 bar all day long, so the 5 just doesnt pack quite the saem lunch :) )

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Rear caliper compatibility?
« on: 23:21, Sat 11 April 2009 »
sorry... more brake related questions!

on the subject of rear calipers, are there any other recommended upgrades that can bolt on if it comes to it that mine are seized?

a mate whos pretty into his 16v clios said possibly the 16v clio rears, and or 205 gti rears were the same?

Your cars / My Raider project :)
« on: 23:18, Sat 11 April 2009 »
Some people knew this was coming, a lot didnt as I spotted it at lunch and had it bought by 7pm that night. I`ve sort of reached my limiti with the scoob without spending several fortunes so i needed somethign else to entertain me.
I`ve been after one for years, and been so close to having one then let down so many times I lost count, but thanks to some fluke autotrader searching and 1 very kind mum lending me the extra reddies to have it on my drive, I finally bagged myself a Renault 5 GT Turbo - Raider
Its been garaged from 2003. 4 owners over 2 families, has pretty extensive history from new, and loads of reciepts, mot`s etc! it does need some love tho, the paint has suffered from being stored and does have its share of blemishes. So the pennies are being saved and counted to do a good quality rebuild.
spec :
1990 R5 GT Turbo - Raider
57K miles
nearly 100% standard bar :
Koni suspension
GT Tuning Group N clutch
GT Tuning Dump Valve / Hardpipe
GT Tuning heatshied
GT Tuning Intake
Devil exhaust system
theres also a Ktec / gt tuning or Prima grille in the boot... and it`ll be going bin bound, there is a campus grille fitted atm, which is also destined for the bin. other minor things are the OEM bumpers have been modded and smoothed and fitted with the GT Tuning bumper oval for the intake, they are also going for the bin.
its not going to be a very exciting car, just standard, and clean
but heres a few pics :





if anyone has any parts, i`m after :

OEM front and rear bumpers
Rear Calipers

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