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Renault 5 GT Turbo / few electrical problems
« on: 10:58, Wed 06 January 2010 »
i am having a problem with my headlight, side lights and horn. horn or side lights dont work at all and my headlights keep flashing when they aint even on and when i try turning them on they dont come on. where can i find the relay for the headlights?

also what is the brown relay for behind the passanger side headlight and the 2 black felays for behind the driver side headlight?

Your cars / My 1st Renault 5 gtt
« on: 00:44, Mon 04 January 2010 »
a few weeks ago i got my 1st 5 gtt. had it a day and the head gasket went. i was told of the lad i gt it off that it had an engine rebuild 500 mile ago, so he said!!!
what a start. so got it in the garage, stripped it down and found the head to be very badley pitted. took it to get skimmed and the lad said that the head had never been skimmed before. bought a 1.9mm uprated headgasked from k-tec racing and uprated head bolts. put it back together, sorted out the vacume pipes and what have you as they were all over the place when i got it.

had the 5 back on the road since christmas eve and all seems fine. going to check the head bolts tomorow and flush the engine and change the oil as its still a little murkey. had the car running at standard boost since i have changed the head gasket - bout 8 to 10psi

i have on order a front mount intercooler (core size: 550x175x65mm) what should hopefully be here monday or tuesday so i can hopefully get this fitted next weekend

any way here are a few pics i have gettin over the past few days

Then the snow got worse  :lol: and i got stuck afew times

Spotted / Was It You? / Blue GTT at Scarborough shell garage
« on: 23:59, Sun 03 January 2010 »
Was out for the day with my girlfriend down scarborough and on my way home i stopped to sort my washer jetts out when i saw a dark blue 5 GTT with gray wheels reg G*** DFA around 6pm, spoke to you for a few mins just cant remember your name  :lol: just thought ad mention as its the 1st other 5 i have seen around except for mine

Newbies / Hello everyone
« on: 18:56, Thu 17 December 2009 »
Ok, 1st of all i finaly have a 5 gt turbo. 2nd think when i bought the car i had been told its just had a full engine rebuild and all gaskets were brand new. had the car out last night, was out about an hour and bang, bleen nipple blew out of the top rad hase that comes fron the water pump to the radiatort. any one no what i can do to sort this or will i need a new top hase? aint had a chance to look at the car today as i have been at work all day.

i will get some pics up at the weekend :D

Newbies / hello everyone
« on: 02:47, Mon 06 April 2009 »
hi, just signed up last week. i am looking to buy my first renault 5 GTT at the end of the month, any one have any advice?

i hve wanted 1 for a while now and now that i am 21 the insurance is at a resonable price. i am looking to spend around 2-2.5k on one.

looking forwad to talking and maybe meeting you all


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