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General Chat / pictures
« on: 15:39, Wed 15 April 2009 »
Hi im strugglin to get pics on of my car can any 1 help !

Your cars / My weekend toy /project
« on: 15:22, Wed 15 April 2009 »
This is my R5 its my 4th but im hopin its goin to be my last !
I bought it off my mate who bought as a project with the engine blown he did the engine took the rub strips off then lost intrest it sat in his garage for a year then i bid him on it and got a bargain 500.
So far i have sorted the electrics out change the interior courtesy of smithsgtt just waitin for my parcel shelf it was a clio williams which is for sale .Ive taken the rear bumper off to paint and done the ball joints.

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Bendix unit
« on: 23:29, Sat 11 April 2009 »
How important is it that the dump valve is t pieced to the bendix unit and not straight to the carb bottom as the unit on mine has broken where the vacuum pipe fits on !


Newbies / Hi
« on: 11:22, Wed 25 March 2009 »

Just joined yesterday as ive just bought my 4th R5 GTT as a project and weekend toy.

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Lights
« on: 14:42, Tue 24 March 2009 »
Hi can anyone help me my headlights hazards and fogs have stopped working but ive still got indicators reverse and brake lights all my fuses are good ive got no idea what it could be and thought id ask for help before i pay for an electrician

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